Here are Brasskangaroo we have more than 14 years of experience with content. We have two types of users-


Regular members can post content, comment on the work of others and follow other members, their content can contain links but these are all no-follow

Pro Member

We have a higher level of membership which we call Pro Members, you can see under the gravatar of each author an icon to determine if a user is a Pro Members.

Pro memberships

We have our own algorithm which helps us to select which authors enjoy pro-membership, we refine this algorithm regularly and in real time, so your score adapt as the nature of the Search Engines vary. To give you guidance however! Currently the types of factors that we include are as follows:-

You can see your reputation score within your user area.

Regular users are rewarded– if you post regularly your score rises, if you stop posting then over a period of time, your score will fall, we don’t use short time scales for this, so going off for a family holiday is not going to impact on your score unduly.

Alley ups – if other members rate your work, which we term as ups then your score rises whilst if you get “alley downs” then your score falls.

Comments – making positive and helpful comments is a great way to encourage other authors, and your comments get noticed by our algorithm, you receive alley ups or alley down votes via the comments of others.

Long Articles score better than shorter ones – articles over 1,000 words are preferred to ones shorter than 1,000. Ideally your range should be 1,000 – 2,000. There is no advantage to having content longer than 4,000 as third-party studies and our own experience indicate that gives no advantage.

Quality is rewarded – we measure the bounce rate, time and page and other metrics of an article, including the feedback from our internal quality review team.

Your score across all your content is tracked and the average of the above forms your quality score.

You can expect an automatic promotion to Pro-membership if your score reaches 70 and if it falls then you automatically drop back to being a regular member.

Use of Media – Adding pics and videos to your content makes your content more attractive and helps your own content to perform better, humans like pictures and enjoy videos. Please respect the copyright of others and only use pictures you have the right to use.

No-Index – occasionally our system detects content that falls short of our standards and this will be flagged in your admin area – low quality content gets tagged no-index which means the search engines don’t include it. We do this to protect the standard of our entire site, you can resolve this issue by improving the standard of your content, edit improve and your content will get re-evaluated.

Duplicates / Plagarism – we have a no tolerance approach to duplicate content and remove content and or authors which don’t fit with our quality culture.

It is not all about links – If every article you post contains external links then that is a negative factor in our algorithm. Therefore you need to write regularly and not link from every article. How much this factor impacts on your account will depend on your other score factors. A very strong author who attracts good quality traffic can link out more regularly than an author that is just on the border line between regular and pro memberships.

It is all relative – we measure the standard of all members and adjust your score by a standardisation factors. Currently the best 35% of authors enjoy pro status, so if our site’s overall standard rises over time then your score gets adjusted accordingly. Therefore if our community is upping their game then you need to too in order to keep up. The world and the internet are a changing and challenging place!

Avoid overt self-promotion – Our community it intended to be for benefit of readers and authors alike and not solely one sided for authors to gain, so please respect that, write with care and the benefit of others in mind.

Pro members enjoy benefits:-

  • Higher prominence on our site
  • DoFollow links for your content.
  • Greater traffic and exposure for your work.

So work hard on your content, write long and informative high quality content and you will progress up to being a Pro-member in no time. Keep at it and you can expect to stay there.

Never forget that writing is rewarding, so don’t forget to have fun too!