We understand that you love Brasskangaroo and its the best place on the web to promote your content, but like a lot of others we promote our sites around the web as part and parcel of a successful marketing campaign involves building quality links from quality places.  Here are just a few sites we use and enjoy and also learn from in our never ending quest to improve our own site.

Medium – this is a very strong and popular site an example of one of article posts can be found here this one is about Cape Verde and its attractions we also have written about Cape Verde here on Brasskangaroo check our Cape Verde for your family holiday and the Attractions in Sal Cape Verde

Bloglovin – we really enjoy this site, its a sort of combination between an RSS aggregator, blog and social media platform, but it does also now allow you to publish articles under your own profile,  the site is very strong but suffers from indexing issues which means you need to build up an active base of follows for your content to get included within their Google Indexing budget.  One of our promotional article entitled “the perfect place to promote your content for free” can be found there.

There are many more sites which we use and we’ll update this post as we expand the sites we use ourselves.



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