Enhancing weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2 can help you become stronger quickly. Using these enhanced weapons, any of our professions can gain huge offensive power.

In Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, you need a weapon to do anything. With a powerful weapon, we can quickly complete the task. Let's introduce to you the weapon enhancement in PSO2.

What Items Are Needed To Enhance Weapons In Pso2 New Genesis?

  • First, you need PSO2 NGS Meseta, to pay the fee of the NPC to enhance your weapon. 
  • Then, you need extra weapons that you won’t need later on, and it's preferable to be of the same type as the weapon you are trying to enhance. 
  • Lastly, you will need a good amount of N-Grinders. 

These are consumables that you find by exploring, completing challenges, killing enemies, and pretty much doing every activity PSO2 New Genesis has to offer.

How To Start To Enhance Weapons In Pso2 New Genesis?

After you have every one of the above, head to Central City and find the Item Lab Enhancement Technician, Lavona. Situated generally plaza, where every other stand and store is. After you track her down, speak to her and open up the Item Enhancement menu. Choose the item you wish to boost, validate it, and after that, you will certainly be motivated to pick 'food' for it. By food, I indicate various other weapons to take down to raise your main weapon's Enhancement Level. The more you make use of it, the more factors you will put into it. After the scale bar is completed, the item you picked to enhance will have its degree enhanced by one. In case you have utilized a lot of sources to update it, it might get a lot of levels at once so don't be amazed if you instantly see its level elevated by greater than one level at a time.

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