Extend your outdoor living area with quality bespoke aluminium and timber look pergolas.

Benefits of aluminium pergolas when compared to timber

Timber has been in trend for many years for building outdoor structures because of its warm and conventional look. Many people are still fond of the traditional timber look but to be honest, timber is not a good choice when the outdoor structure needs to facethe harsh Dubai environment. Although timber is used for creating many outdoor structures like pergolas, decks, gazebos and archways, timber simplydoes not last and starts deteriorating in the harsh sun. A lot of maintenance is required in the upkeep of timber structures or else they become structurally unsafe in a few short years. To overcome this problem, the aluminium pergolas Dubai contractors are using aluminium pergolas which are modern, environment resistant and a great alternative for timber and wooden pergolas.

There are numerous other benefits of aluminium pergolas over timber pergolas which is why the pergola contractors Dubai are now preferring aluminium over timber for creating outdoor structures. Let’s discuss a few benefits:

Minimal maintenance: The most important advantage of using aluminium pergolas Dubai is that it requires little tono maintenance when compared to wooden pergolas. Once installed you can relax and enjoy your outdoors for many years. All they require is the occasional wash down and will give decades of use.


Long lasting service: Aluminium being a tough metal, easily withstands Dubai’s harsh environment and gives longer lasting service unlike the timber pergolas which are prone to crack and warps. The aluminium pergolas are powdered coated for extra strength and durability.

Rustproof joints: The modern aluminium pergolas Dubai are powder coated for providing them a protective layer which prevents it from rusting. Generally, wooden pergolas have joints made up of iron which are prone to rusting and decaying. The joints in aluminium pergolas are stronger and safer than the wooden pergolas because they are powder coated and rust proof.

Modern Designs: Not only are they durable, the modern pergola designs Dubaithat are trending today are theones manufactured from powder coated aluminium. Their modern look is becoming increasingly popular across Dubai. Various colour and design options are available; like for instance, if you want to give a luxurious Mediterranean beach clubs’ look to your outdoor area, the white aluminium pergolas would be a perfect choice.


Cost effectiveness: The wooden pergolas may have a cheaper initial cost, we must consider the long term costs. Modern aluminium pergolas will last decades longer that timber pergolas so this will reduce the cost of ownership over the long term. In addition, timber pergolas need to be sanded, repaired and painted every year. This costs time and money that doesn’t need to be spent on an aluminium pergola, even in the harsh UAE environment.

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Luckily most of the villas in Dubai have enough space for installing anoutdoor structure like a pergola and shade sail. The pergola contractors, Dubai are now predominately using aluminium pergolas for installations in new villas in Dubai because when it comes to choosing between timber and aluminium pergolas, almost everyone is preferring the modern aluminium pergolas in Dubai. These pergolas can be customised according to the needs and budget of the clients. If you too are planning a makeover of your area this is the right time!

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