Are you an avid book reader and are looking for ways to read your favorite book? Well, what is the best way than to have read your book and not be looking for a place to store it? Can that happen?

Yes, you absolutely can.With Kindle, you can read hundreds of books, and you do not have to spend anymore time looking for space to store them. Also, with kindle, you can easilybrowse the content online. You can search and lookup for your favorite thing assome models of kindle are going to work as a tablet.

Whenusing the kindle for a longer period of time, you may experience a kindle frozen screenThere are many reasons why that might have beenhappening. There could be some reasons such as when you are using the kindlefor a long period of time, then you can experience various issues.

Thereare at times when rebooting the kindle is going to help you resolve the issue.But that is not going to work at all the. When you see that my kindleis frozen, there are certain steps that you need to take in order toresolve the issue.

You have come to the rightplace and we are going to help you resolve this issue. There may be some timeswhere you are experiencing a slow response. This is where the kindle will startto freeze slowly.

The kindle is asophisticated device that has a very small amount of memory. When you arerunning multiple apps of this device, then there are various issues that mightget in your way.

Let us look at the steps through which youwill be able to resolve the issue of kindle fire frozen Screen:

Rebootingthe kindle:

Restarting the Kindle isvery easy and can be easily completed when you follow simple steps. This is amethod that is applied to all the Kindle models. It does not matter whether youare using the oasis, paper white, or the simple kindle.

Let us see how you aregoing to restart the kindle.

·        Thefirst thing that you need to do is to locate the power button on the bottom ofthe Kindle device. This is going to depend from model to model. Either you aregoing to slide or you need to hold the button for at least 40 seconds to turnthe kindle device off.

·        Youare going to know that this happened as the power light is going to go out andthe screen is going to go blank. There will appear a dialog box on the screen.

·        Ifyou see that the dialog box appears, then the on-screen prompts are going toask you to confirm the intention in order to restart the device. After that,you need to select restart in order to complete the process.

·        Youneed to note that when you restart the kindle fire, you may need to press thepower button again. This will turn back the device on.

·        Youneed to wait till you see that your device restarts and this will reload yourlibrary.

·        Thenif the issue has been resolved, then you can use your kindle just like youwould normally do.

If you are not able toresolve the issue, then you must follow the next step.

Resetthe kindle fire:

Whenyou see that restarting the kindle fire is not going to help you out, then youcan follow the process of resetting the kindle. In order to soft reset thekindle, it is going to reboot your kindle device once more to restart. Thisstep has been very helpful in resolving most of the Kindle paperwhitefrozen screen issue.

The process of restart isgoing to close down the current screen of the kindle. This is going to restartthe home page as well. All you are going to do is to press the power button forabout 40 seconds.

Then a reboot screen isgoing to appear. If you see that the soft reset is not working on the kindledue to any reason whatsoever, then one other that is left is to reset thekindle back to the factory defaults.

There are some sideeffects of following this step as well. It is going to delete all the personaldata and the settings from the kindle. You also need to have to connect thekindle to the Wi-Fi again and this will set up as the new one.

This is going to fix someof the problems and you will be able to use your Kindle again.

Most of the time thesesteps are going to work out but if you see that this step is not resolving theissue, then you can follow the next step.

Updatethe Kindle device:

Thereare at times when you have not updated the kindle to its latest version, thenthere are going to be some users who might experience the kindlefrozen screen
 issue.This is going to increase the chances of kindle-fire frozen.

In order to see the latestversion of this software, you simply need to visit the official website ofkindle. What you can also do is to check the device through the settings menu.If you see that it is not updated to its latest version, then you need toupdate it as soon as possible.

Chargeyour Kindle device:

Therealso may be at times when there is a low battery which might result in a kindlefrozen screen issue. When you see that your kindle is on low charge,then you need to connect it to the power source.

It is advised to let yourAmazon kindle charge for at least about 2 minutes. After that, you can easilytake further action. If you still see that your device is working, then try onthe next step.

Repairthe kindle device;

If you see that none ofthe steps mentioned above are working, then the freezing issue might be therebecause your kindle might have developed some hardware issues. You must knowthat when you purchase a new Kindle device, then it is in a one-yearmanufacturer warranty.

If you see that you haveused this device within a year, then you need to send it back to Amazon and geta new device. If you see that it’s an old device, then you might have to lookfor third-party repair services. This way you can get most of the kindle issuesfixed.

Whatever the case may be,the kindle repair is the last option.


These are the stepsthrough which you will be able to get rid of all the freezing options. This wayyou will be able to get back to your kindle activities. What you need toremember is that the kindle is a small device. So make sure that you are notoverloading it with many apps that have not been put to use in a long time.

Make sure that you keeplooking for the unused apps regularly and uninstall them from time to time. Ifyou face any issues, then get in touch with the amazon official support.

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