ATA translation certification is a mark of excellence for any professional translator. And if you are planning to appear for the exam, here are a few tips that will help you.

 Tips To Get You through the ATA Certification Examination In 2021

The AmericanTranslators Association (ATA) certification examination is widelyregarded as the most crucial official recognition of the skills of atranslator. It is a goal that many people strive for when they planto join an ATA Certificate translation. However, the problemis with the lack of information about how to prepare for theexamination. If you know the right techniques, you can ace the examwith ease on your first try. With that being said, here’s sharing acouple of tips that you will find useful if you are preparing for theexam.

1. Turn off the autocorrect option right away

People have no ideahow much they start depending on the auto correct and underliningfeatures in Microsoft Word to tell them when they misspell anything.Once you turn off the auto correct feature, you will notice howdifficult it gets. Turning it off forces you to focus so that youactually get to see the errors. You can no longer go skimming overthe errors because spellcheck catches the mistakes.

2. Take some time tochoose the passages

Before taking theexam of ATA, you should take some time to read and choose yourpassages carefully. You need to select only two of the three passagesgiven. Many first-timers realize it too late that they did not takeenough time to evaluate the options and select the relatively easierpassages for themselves. Only near the end of the examinations, theystart panicking when time starts running out and realize the mistakethat they had made in choosing the passage.

3. No need to take awhole bunch of dictionaries

You do not need totake every dictionary you can find in a library near you. The examdoes not have technical passages. So, you will not have to lug ten ofyour favorite dictionaries in a suitcase and bring them to the examwith you. Of course, you can bring a few dictionaries as a securityblanket, but it’s not necessary. You can choose not to take anydictionaries with you and use only the same online dictionaries thatyou use each day. If you are well-prepared, you can still finish theexam within two hours.

4. Do not rely toomuch on the internet

This is anothermistake many first-timers make. If you are ready to be a part of ATA certified translation services, you need to have faith in yourabilities. If you keep double-checking your word choices andprepositions for the translations, you will only end up wasting time.

The Bottom Line

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