Conventions scheduling software is a tool used by many event planners to organize one of the main factors in holding such events, namely the venue or the location.

Conventions scheduling software is a tool used by many event planners to organize one of the main factors in holding such events, namely the venue or the location. A location needs to be scheduled in a timely manner in order to book it just for your company. Mostly, venues are fully booked when you reserved it too late. Others just need some cleaning and maintenance to grab the location.

In this blog, before we list the best conventions scheduling software, we have to check the necessary factors that are to be considered in choosing a venue. Here is some questions event planners are looking deep into.

1.  What day exactly is the event occurring?

Determine your goal for the event. If the event is properly processed and planned, you should know the exact date it will fall. Be sure of the date for there are other event planners taking part in the venue on other days. The event should not be delayed nor in advance.


2.  Where is the venue located?

The location needs to be convenient. It should be accessible to many people and have to be distant for them to easily attend your event. The venue is best when it is covered by GPS and is tracked with pins on the map because most people coming to your event use Google locators or other applications.


3.  Is there a big parking space for the attendees?

Attendees usually come by their vehicles and motorcycles. Accommodate your attendees with big parking areas for less hassle for them. If there are no parking spaces available, you can try to negotiate and rent a parking area nearby.


4.  How big is the convention? And what is the maximum capacity?

Determine the room capacity of the venue before proceeding booking it. It should fit everyone inside or else there will be bad feedbacks. Check also if there are safety emergency exits.


5.  When and what designs particular to the event good for the venue?

Another part of scheduling your venue is when to start designing your event. Make a timeline in order to meet the deadline.


6.  Are there services and good amenities being offered in the venue?

Aside from the venue’s overall capacity, parking spaces and another factor, check out if they offer catering services, etc. because this can save you a lot.


7.  Will the cost worth enough for renting?

Over-all, if everything seems satisfying, rate the cost if it simply undergoes your goal for the event.


Plan everything about the venue. Then you can start organizing everything. As promised, here are some of the best Convention Scheduling Software or commonly generalized as event planning software.





One of the best event planning software that provides 100% convenience in organizing your event. This application guarantees the proper scheduling of your workflow for it has features that include creating your event schedules, laying out your venue or exhibit hall and helps also in selling your tickets.

Organize your conventions’ entire schedule with their state-of-the-art scheduler. The planned schedule is determined by the following information: Effort estimate or duration of work items. Start and end date of the plan. Layout your entire exhibition space online and create fantastic tradeshow floor plans.



EventBank is an all-in-one Event Automation software. You can run hundreds of conferences in all sizes through this application. Centralize your data gathered for your event to maximize the workflow in a set of time. Set up your event for success.



Bizzabo is one of the most loved event apps throughout the world. It is a great app for marketers and planners to manage, grow and maximizer their events. Bizzabo offers a wide variety of features and platforms which you can control and customize at your ease. Create marketing programs to drive event registrations, design, and on-brand digital experience and bring people together through vibrant communities.



One of the awarded best event management software because of its great features equipped. It has a full range of tools to manage event registrations. You can easily create various sessions, workshops, and any activities depending on your event. Customize every chance with its vast availability of resources. Guestlist can be integrated with this application.



Any event size can be handled in this all-in-one vent solution. This application handles registrations and check-ins offer also reserved seating and most of all, helping event planners sell tickets. Check out their other features categorized as conference features, contests, event management, festival management, registration, and ticketing.



An amazing application for event planners that values their attendees by checking in registered guests through their desktop and mobile applications. Managing guest check-in like in hotels is very easy in this event app. The Boomset web platform also has a feature in which you can personalized badges and wristbands and print it for your event.