Freehand Nail art Design

Freehand nail art

is a very popular service. Our designs gallery is divided into different categories of nail art and enhancement designs. Included in the gallery is a page called

freehand nail art.

This gallery includes lots of designs created using nail art brushes, colour shapers and acrylic paints.

Designs are enhanced by using other media such as rhinestones, pearls, striping tape, studs, bullion beads and glitters. The great thing about free hand nail art is the fact that a design can be created on natural nails as well as on extensions, and anybody can do it. You don't need creative flair, you just need the right tools and a steady hand.

The designs you can achieve using our wholesale products are endless and you can have hours of fun playing with colours and designs. Anyone can do freehand nail art, and it is very popular with young girls who can buy a nail art kit and have a go at painting some designs themselves.

In the salon, clients love hand painted nail art. As the design is individual to them, the client can choose the colours of the design and describe a pattern or look that they would like on their nails. Designs are usually created to match a dress or outfit for a party or a fun design using bright colours can be created for holidays.

Nail art is fun for all ages, but can be very dramatic and stunning, you need only paint one nail with a design, maybe over a French manicure, then place just one Swarovski rhinestone on the other nails, creating an eye catching set of nails that are still acceptable to wear to the office.

Dramatic designs incorporate the use of more embellishments and you can go as simple or as wild as you or your client wants. Longer nails carry more intricate designs better, as there is more room on the nail to add to the design. The Creative Ten design gallery contains step-by-step guides with photographs and text, explaining how you achieve the look. You can then use the techniques you have learned and change the colours of the design and then add rhinestones or studs, and create your own nail art designs.

The step-by- step guides in the gallery include a full list of what products and colours of nubar paints or acrylic paints were used, so you can then go into Creative Ten's online shop and purchase the products you need to create the design yourself and come up with new designs of your own.