Cats are one of the most beautiful pets and no one wants to see his pet in a pathetic stage. Many diseases and illnesses are responsible for the bad heath of your pet.

Health Issues of Cats

Cats areone of the most beautiful pets and no one wants to see his pet in a patheticstage. Many diseases and illnesses are responsible for the bad heath of yourpet. Cats are very sensitive as compared to dogs and it is a fact that morethan 50% of the cats are facing the diseases in the very first year of theirlife. Therefore, knowledge about the cat care is necessary in order to achievea good cat care plan. This article will discuss some of the cat problems andthe preventive measures by which your cat can remain in a wonderful state. Sohere we go,

Stomach Worms

Infestation of worms is a common problem in most of thecats. The cats fail to absorb the nutrition and the result is that theconsumption of diet is more and there is no development of health during theperiod of infestation. The roundworms and the tapeworms are very common and thehookworms are rear in infestation. One or two doses of any medicine can removethese worms. Several precautions are there for the treatment of worminfestation. Most of the times you observe that your cat is eating too much andthe sleep cycle become disturbed. In those cases, you have to consult a vet.The vet will diagnose the type of worm after the stool test and suitablemedicine will help your pet to get out of this issue.

Vomiting and Diarrhea Issues

There are many types of vomiting. In one type, the catvomits and there are no further episodes. The single vomiting is better for thecat health as the stomach gave an anti-peristaltic response to the foreigninvader. There are many reasons of this type such as engulfing of bad food,rotten fish, etc. Observation shows that due to the humidity issues, pet's fooddevelops a particular sort of smell. That smelling food is very harmful as faras the health of your animal is concerned. Most of the people do not give aproper attention towards the single vomiting but you should at least change thefood and give a proper bed rest to the little one. Multiple vomiting is thesecond type in which most of the cats fail to recover without propermedication. Serious conditions may lead to the blood vomiting. Diarrhea is alsoa very painful condition and it is most important among many of the catproblems. It is not a disease rather a condition or a secondary disorder thatpoints towards other issues in the digestive system of cat. You should controlthe dehydration condition by the in-time medication. Preventive measure includeshealthy diet, keeping eye on your pet activities, limited outdoor exposure,daily running, etc.

Urinary Infections and Kidney Issues

This is a serious issue and it affects the males as well asthe females. The urinary tract infection may come from the pond swimming orafter any dirt adventure. Therefore, if your smart pet is very active and wantsa fun and adventure stuff, then you should use the antiseptic solutions. Afterthe dirty tour, you can just dip the animal for some minutes in the water tubmixed with the antiseptic solution. It is very effective strategy and most ofthe cat’s love to enjoy bathing. In case of infection, your animal will feeluncomfortable. Urethra may block and accumulation of urine may lead to badeffects on bladder of animal. If the infection penetrates into the renal areathen there is possibility of damage in the kidney zone. You can easily identifythe kidney issue. Increase in thirst and an aggressive drinking attitude cangive you the perfect indication of the problem.

Viral Diseases: Feline Leukemia Virus & FelineImmunodeficiency Virus

These are two common diseases that are prevalent in cats.The virus spreads from the saliva droplets. The virus called corona virus,produce the flu type symptoms. Watery eyes serve as the most important symptomof this disease. As far as the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is concerned, itaffects the immune system of cat. Mainly sexual contact with the infectedanimals produced this disease.

Other Diseases

Flea, Ticks and Mites Issues

These are all eight-legged bugs commonly known to be thepest of animals. These suck the blood of cat and result in the development ofmany secondary infections. For example, ticks are responsible for the LymeDisorder.

To conclude, a proper management plan is necessary to tacklewith cat problems. Precautionary measures serve as the perfect source toprevent the issues and to increase the life duration of your pet.

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