Women BFF see each other naked for the first time

Women BFF see each other naked for the first time

Society has built up some real hangups about seeing other people naked.   This fun video tackles these issues head on and breaks down some of the barriers.

Attitudes are always changing and what was taboo 30 years or more ago is now seen as much more mainstream.

The internet means that more liberal ideas in one country quickly get shared all around the World so as social media takes more importance in our lives my feeling is that attitudes will get closer to accepting things like this.

Europe has long had a more liberal tradition of topless and indeed naked bathing so I think in time peoples acceptance will grow more and more.

Humour is a great way to challenge ideas and sterotypes, plus Youtube is a fantastic way to progate ideas around the web.

I guess with this video the thought of seeing young ladies in various states on undress is part of the reason it has gone viral - in fact if you watch it modesty is very much maintained and Youtube whilst tolerant is pretty careful with this sort of thing particularly when like this you have a video with very high page views