Spectacular send-offs: Alternatives to throwing rice at your wedding

Alternatives to throwing rice at your wedding

The way that a wedding comes to a close isn't a factor that is given much thought. It can however be a way to add that special sparkle to your wedding. Throwing rice at the end of a wedding ceremony has been an integral part of weddings for years. It is a traditional ritual that symbolized fertility of the couple and the possible grace of having many children. In modern times, brides have opted to add that extra twinkle to their wedding by improving on the way that the ceremony comes to a close. Giving a grand conclusion to your wedding can be just as interesting as the grand entrance that the bride makes. With so many new options available, throwing rice has almost become a thing of the past. Popular things that are now used as send-offs include petals, butterflies, sparklers and bubbles


Sparklers that are in the form of slow burning fireworks will give your wedding an amazingly impressive finish. This can have a larger effect on a wedding reception when held in the evening. The sparklers may have multiple colors


The couple can have their guests throw rose petals as they walk out of the church. The rose petals would blend in with the theme of the wedding if their color matched the colors of the wedding. It's possible to personalize the petals by writing your names and the date of your wedding on them. You might decide to use either fresh or freeze-dried rose petals. The beauty of it is that you can order your petals for up to three months before your wedding. They are then kept in storage for you awaiting your big day.


The couple can decide to have confetti sprinkled on them by their guests as part of the send off. Confetti gives the air of a parade and choosing this as a send-off will make it feel like a private parade. It will be very exciting for the bride and groom and their guests.


Bubbles are a particularly good send off because they do not leave a mess to clean up afterwards. Bubbles can be blown by guests from tiny bottles that contain the bubble solution. The bottles are found in many different shapes, colors and sizes. The solution is not toxic and does not stain garments. The bottles may be well decorated to match the colors the wedding and then handed over to guests. Choose bottles that blend in with the wedding theme. Blowing of the bubbles is popular with both children and adults and it will be a fun way to conclude your special day.


These are especially ideal if you are having an outdoor wedding. They offer a unique and beautiful option for your send off. When they are released all at the same time as your wedding ceremony comes to a close, they will be a beautiful sight and a wonderful addition to your big day.

With these new and spectacular ways to conclude you wedding, the big send off no longer has to be a messy affair.