offers bespoke quality pergola designs for modern Dubai living. Designed with your exact requirements, transform your outdoor living area into a cool shaded space with a pergola structure or shade sail.

All of us love to spend time outside our homes in the fresh air, but the sun in Dubai is too harsh. The best way to transform the living area, reduce the temperature by reducing the effect of the sun and turn it into a cool breezy place is to install a pergola or shade sail. The aluminium pergola Dubai companies are now offering various outdoor living accessories and items to improve the comfort of living even in the outdoor areas. The pergola UAE contractors are there to offer high-quality aluminium pergolas and shade sails for UAE residents.

The modern pergolas which are available nowadays are not those conventional wooden pergolas that require a lot of maintenance, instead, they are the ones made of aluminium and other sturdy materials. The pergolas are available in the following styles and designs that can be used to transform your outdoor area.:

Non-retractable or Fixed pergolas: The pergola UAE companies manufacture these pergolas for those who have a lower budget. The low budget or lower price of these pergolas doesn’t mean there is a need to compromise with the quality. They are also made of high-grade aluminium and possess fixed louvers. The position of the sun is calculated using an app for the whole year and the lovers are fixed accordingly. This ensures that there is sun protection all through the year and it is effective in the other seasons too.

The non-retractable lovers can be fitted with other accessories such as fans and lights for extra comfort.

Retractable Pergolas: These types of pergolas are movable roof systems that are made purely of aluminium giving it a shiny, silver look. The modern and crystal-clear design of these pergolas adds value to your outdoor area. Because it’s made of aluminium it is weather resistant and can be used in all seasons according to instructions given in the user manual. There is an app for the control of the louvers and other accessories. All the action of the pergolas can be controlled by just a single Winsol app on your smartphone.

If you have a higher budget, you can turn your barren outdoor area into a complete leisure area with retractable pergolas along with accessories like home theatre, USB speakers, sliding doors, LED light, etc. The latest retractable pergolas designs are now being equipped with a folding glass system.

This spectacular folding glass design concept has been developed intricately to adjust with most types of pergolas designs, whether it’s classic or modern. The use of crystal-clear glasses provides a line of delightful design throughout the structure enabling the use of any colour combination according to individual choice. Because of the innovative suspension technology each glass panel slides smoothly into its place.

The winsol pergola is an Belgium company that operates through representatives in the UAE; it is dedicated to improving the comfort of your home by improving your living standards. If you too wish to improve your standard of living or extend your outdoor area into a leisure area, you can contact them now through

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