Reporting Accounts

Reporting Accounts

Reporting Accounts is our free business information site, we already have 4.3 million listings which is every UK company currently live at companies house (the UK Government agency that companies have to file with in the UK) we are already in discussions with several other agencies and the plan is to add New Zealand and India next so a big influx of listing on its way.

Our site is perfect for researching your competitors,  or suppliers and customers even, you can look out for things like missed filing deadlines and other indicators of potential problems.

Web Traffic is growing rapidly as more and more users start to use us to discover information about their companies or their employers.  The list is growing all the time, we even have google maps integrated so you can make a virtual visit to your target company and get an idea of the scale of their operation that way also.

We offer a wide range of free information currently on more than 4.6million UK companies and their Directors, if our basic data isn't enough for your needs then we offer a pay as you go credit report service.  This uses our buying power to source up to date credit reports from leading credit reference providers in the UK.

Our service is constantly adding new features, such as graphs of financial data.

We now have an Android App, and are working on an IOS app.  In recent months we added additional directors information and now Significant control data also.

Check back regularly and you'll see more and more UK Business Inteligence data being added all of the time.

Our mission is to become the leading provider of free and paid for UK business data.