The Maldives – the most romantic of places




Of all the places I have been too, the most romantic and relaxed of all of them is without doubt the Maldives. It is a long flight to Male, but when you transfer by water taxi or sea-plane to the resorts themselves, then you are transferred to a different world.

No News no shoes was the moto of one of the resorts I visited.

That about sums the mood and ambience of the resorts up, life is relaxed, the sea beautiful, no need for shoes. If you are newly married or with a new partner then this is the perfect place for romance, giving each other attention and relaxing walks together along the beach.

I’ve been three times to the Maldives, each and every time was more or less the same experience. Water bungalows with the sounds of the waves breaking under your bed. Open air shower, walls all around but no roof, you quickly feel like a luxury version of robinson crusoe.

Food is great, the evening entertainment is usually local dancers, who sometimes sing songs full of dirty words, which the foreign tourists are unaware of!  There is no where to go and no reason to go anywhere.

If you love a good rest and the company of a lovely companion, wife, or girlfriend, husband or boyfriend, then nothing can compare or beat the Maldives.

Here are some of the budget resorts I can recommend





If you can afford it have a water bungalow, it is such a great experience, with waves breaking under your feet / bed.   Also you only need to open the door and you are already in the sea.

Each morning you bed is made up with petals and lovely touches such as towels made into the shape of swans.

watch this video to get more of an idea of what it is actually like in a water villa.

Of course the Maldives is also a fantastic place for a very romantic wedding.


The Maldives are just perfect for a romantic break. They are not cheap, but it sure is worth every penny.

The Maldives does not have to be as expensive as you expect, watch this video for ideas on how to do things on a budge