Lose 10kg in First Month Using Low Fat Diet Menu

If you will strictly follow the rules of this low fat diet menu, you can get rid of 10 kg per first month.

Low fat diet menu rules:
1. Set a regime and try to eat always at the same time.
2. It is necessary to drink full glass of water before each meal. Being on this diet during the day you need to drink much more than on the normal diet. Drink when you want to eat (for the first two weeks it will be really hard).
3. Make sure to drink some good vitamin-mineral complex and eat more apples.

Products that should form the basis of your diet:
- Still mineral water,
- Any juices,
- Boiled eggs,
- Boiled meat or chicken,
- Low fat cheese,
- Different fruits,
- All vegetables (excluding potatoes),
- Buckwheat or rice.

Prohibited products:
- Salt,
- All bakery and confectionery products,
- Oil (any),
- Different fried and smoked meat,
- Wine and beer,
- Sugar and sweets,
- Fatty dairy products above 1.5%
- Spices like ketchup, horseradish and mustard,
- Nuts and chips.

Sample of Low fat diet menu

100 grams of fat-free yogurt, boiled egg (2-3 times a week), any two fruit, 5-6 pc.
A glass of juice or tea, or coffee (no sugar and cream).

Take a plate of medium size; place all products on the dish (should be full).
Canned peas or corn, boiled chicken or meat 100 grams (up to 3 times a week). Instead of peas and corn it can be any raw vegetables or stewed mixture of vegetables. Any fruit and juice.

Any of the above vegetables or boiled cauliflower, a bit of rice or buckwheat, left from the breakfast yogurt and apple or pear juice.

If you will manage to spend one month on low fat diet plan you will see a new you without 10 kg. It will be really hard for the first 2 weeks but after that it will be easier.

Don't forget to consult your doctor before applying any of these daily diet plans.

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Alen Green