Packaged Water Treatment System Market by Technology Type (Extended Aeration, MBR, MBBR, SBR, Reverse Osmosis), Application (Municipal Wastewater, Industrial Wastewater, and Drinking Water) and Region

Packaged water treatment systems are systems that combine multiple water treatment components into a single, pre-engineered and pre-assembled package. They are designed to provide water treatment solutions in a variety of applications, including drinking water, industrial water, and wastewater. These systems can be tailored to meet specific customer needs and often consist of pumps, filtration, disinfection, and chemical treatment components. The demand for packaged water treatment systems is driven by the increasing water scarcity and contamination issues, as well as the need for cost-effective and efficient water treatment solutions. As a result, the demand for these systems is expected to increase in the coming years.

The global packaged water treatment system market is estimated to be valued at USD 13.31 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.4% between 2016 and 2021 to reach USD 21.83 billion by 2021. The Middle East and Africa region is estimated to lead the market in 2016, followed by Europe and North America. Increasing population, dependence of economies for crude oil, minerals, chemicals, along with the rising demand for electricity by emerging as well as developed economies are expected to drive the global packaged water treatment system market during the forecast period.

This market is led by key players, such as Veolia Water Technologies (France), GE Water & Process Technologies (U.S.), RWL Water (U.S.), WPL International (U.K.), Smith & Loveless INC. (U.S.), and others. These companies are considered as leaders in the rapidly-evolving market. Substantial investments have been made in the past few years by these companies to address the future demand of packaged water treatment system arising from the growing population, urbanization, and industrialization.

Key players operational in the market are majorly focusing on new product and technology launch, along with few acquisitions and expansions. Companies are adopting these strategies for capacity expansion of existing facilities and installation of new facilities to achieve better performance qualities, economies of scale, product innovation, and to simultaneously address the increasing demand of packaged water treatment system. Veolia Water Technologies launched Package Exelys, a standard range of continuous thermal hydrolysis units for small to medium sludge digestion plants, in October 2015. Earlier in February 2015, it launched Orion, the next generation purified water technology. GE water & process technologies launched two new products, namely, the ZeeWeed 1500 RMS and the ZeeWeed 1000 NGC, for seawater pre-treatment to reverse osmosis (RO) systems.