The Portfolio Finance Director has come of age

A few years ago if I asked an employer if they would consider recruiting a Portfolio FD, all I would have gotten would have been blank stares, my now in 2019, the market for Part Time Finance Directors is now very much mainstream.

A Portfolio FD is someone who works part-time for more than one employer at the same time, working in this way is both interested and varied for the FD concerned and lower cost for the employer!.

Often a part-time FD is more organised and can do the work that a full-time FD would do in far less time, they are often more motivated,  more organised and more used to working to a tight timetable.

Very often the introduction for these roles comes via a private equity house who seeing weaknesses in a funding application require the business concerned to hire an experienced FD to assist.   This may seem like a cost but is very much a value-added role which pays for itself in no time at all.