The global variable frequency drives (VFD) market size will grow by USD 5.11 billion during 2019-2023.


A variablefrequency drive can control the frequency and voltage supplied to the AC motor.Variable frequency drives ensure optimum motion control and reduce power use. As per the latest market research report published byTechnavio, the global variablefrequency drives market size will grow by USD 5.11 billion during2019-2023. Get the free sample report below for the detailed information.

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A diverse range of industrial devices which are usedfor manufacturing or commercial purposes, are equipped with embedded technologyand are part of the industrial IoT networks. The development of next-generation drives with the advanced technologies will helpvendors in gaining an edge over their competitors. Technological advancesenable vendors to develop advanced equipment that meets the end-user’sexpectations. 


In 2018, Hannover Messe Fair, Siemens unveiled aSIDRIVE IQ digital platform for evaluating drive systems. Integrating the IoTwith variable frequency drive aids in controlling and monitoring devicesremotely and can provide valuable feedback to the end-users, allowing them totake prompt actions. Most vendors do not provide IoT capabilities with theirvariable frequency drives. Hence, the advent of IoT in variable frequencydrives is expected to fuel the growth of the global variable frequency drivesmarket at a CAGR of 4.74% during the forecast period. To know the complete and in-depth analysis andforecast of this market get the complete report by clicking the link below.


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