Activated Carbon Market by Type (Powdered, Granular, Others (Pelletized, Bead)), Application (Liquid Phase (Water Treatment, Foods & Beverages, Pharmaceutical & Medical), Gaseous Phase (Industrial, Automotive)), Region

Top Activated Carbon Market Industry Leaders

Expansions, acquisitions, agreements, new product launches/developments,partnerships & agreements strategies adopted by the leading market playersto drive the demand in the global activated carbon market

The key companies manufacturing activated carbon were mainlyinvolved in the expansions strategy to strengthen their positions in the marketfrom 2011 to 2016, accounting for a 37.0% share of the total strategic developmentsin the activated carbon market.  

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The prominent expansion in global activated carbon market is thecommissioning of a new production facility in Philippines by Osaka Gas Co. Ltd(Japan) for the production of granulated activated carbon in September 2015.With this strategy, the company enhanced its foothold in the ASEAN countries inorder to capitalize on the high growth opportunities in the activated carbonend-use industries.

Acquisitions accounted for a share of 27% of all the growthstrategies adopted by players in the activated carbon market between 2011 and2016. Companies have adopted this strategy to strengthen their positions in theactivated carbon market. The major acquisition in the activated carbon marketwas the acquisition of the Sweden based activated carbon producer, JacobiCarbons AB, by Osaka Gas Co. Ltd (Japan).  With this acquisition, Osaka Gas Co. Ltd (Sweden) became the thirdlargest market share holder in the global activated carbon market.  

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Major manufacturers such as, Calgon Carbon Corporation (U.S), OsakaGas Co. Ltd (Japan), Cabot Corporation (U.S), Haycarb PLC (Sri Lanka), KurarayChemical Co. Ltd (Japan), KUREHA CORPORATION (Japan), Donau Carbon GmbH (Germany), Silcarbon Aktivkohle GmbH (Germany),and OxbowActivated Carbon LLC (U.S), are profiled in thisreport.  These companies have adoptedvarious organic and inorganic growth strategies such as, new productlaunches/developments, agreements & joint ventures, expansions, and mergers& acquisitions.

Calgon Carbon Corporation (U.S), Osaka Gas Co. Ltd (Japan), CabotCorporation (U.S), and Haycarb PLC (Sri Lanka) are the most important playersin the global activated carbon market. These companies witnessed the higheststrategy adoptions in the global activated carbon market, accounting for morethan 39.7% of the overall strategic adoptions from 2011 to 2016.

Calgon Carbon Corporation (U.S) is the key leader and contributor tothe growth of the global activated carbon market. It accounted for a 15.0% shareof the total activated carbon market in 2015.

The company grew extensively during the last few years. In November 2016, the CalgonCarbon Corporation acquired the activated carbon and filter aid business ofCECA which is a subsidiary of the Arkema Group (France). With this acquisition,the company established a strong foothold in the activated carbon market inEurope. In September 2015, the company commenced a new granulated activatedcarbon production facility in Zamboanga, Philippines, having a productioncapacity of 20 KT. This acquisition enabled the company to cater to demand fromthe end-use industries of activated carbon.

Osaka Gas Co. Ltd is another major activated carbon producer thathas established a strong foothold in the global activated carbon market.

The company has a broad and diversified activated carbon portfolio,ensuring its consistent growth in the market. The company is focused on both,organic and inorganic growth strategies. It has enhanced its product portfoliowith various growth strategies such as expansions, mergers & acquisitions.

Thecompany acquired Jacobi Carbons AB (Sweden) in 2013. With this acquisition, thecompany become a prominent producer of activated carbon, holding a 13.0% sharein the global activated carbon market.