There are few things more rewarding than running your own business, but imagine running that business on wheels. If you have ever considered running a mobile business, here are 5 profitable ideas to get you started.

There are few things more rewarding than running your own business, but imagine running that business on wheels. Mobile businesses are a fantastic way to eliminate the need for an office and the many overheads that come with it. Not to mention, expanding into a mobile business can provide a major convenience for any existing customers you may have.

Mobile businesses offer more flexibility when compared to regular business models, and can even be run part-time alongside your regular job. So, if you’ve been thinking about running your own business, it might be time to hit the road with a standout mobile business.

1. Mobile tutoring

Some students find it easier to learn in the comfort of their own home. In addition, if you’re tutoring school-aged children, many parents may struggle to find the time to fit another drop-off and pick-up into their busy schedules. This is where mobile tutoring comes in.

With a laptop, phone and course materials, you’re ready to get a mobile tutoring business off the ground with very few resources. Mobile tutoring is a great side business that you can work after-hours, particularly if you’re tutoring school children, as afternoons and night-time hours are popular for tutoring services.

2. Mobile massage therapy

Massage therapy is one of the best businesses to take mobile, as it provides an extra level of convenience for your customers. Massages can be performed at their workplace, home, or from the back of a customized van, which gives you lots of options for where you’ll set up shop for the day. Mobile massage therapy is also a great pop-up at markets and festivals, and could easily increase your client base quite rapidly.

A portable massage table, oils, laptop, phone, and a customized van will get you started, allowing you to offer a portable and luxurious place for your customers to relax.

3. Mobile beauty treatments

If you have the right kit and skills, then starting a mobile business offering manicures, pedicures, facials and hair services could be very profitable. Particularly useful for things like bridal services, a mobile beauty service could easily arrive at the bride’s hotel and style the entire wedding party. This opens up further opportunities to service VIP clients (such as celebrities who need privacy in their suites), people who may not be able to leave the house or get to the salon during opening hours, or even for throwing beauty parties for small groups.

Depending on what treatments you’ll provide, your equipment will match your offerings. Nails will need a variety of polishes and Shellac machines, whilst hairstyling requires brushes, combs, hairdryers, hair straighteners and styling products like gel and hairspray.

4. Mobile organizer

Since Marie Kondo rocked the world with her KonMari technique to organizing, requests for professional organizers have skyrocketed. Organizers are hired to improve the way items are filed, stored or organized, reducing clutter and creating systems to make everything more accessible.

Organizers have quickly adapted to getting their businesses mobile, as most organizational tasks take place in the client’s home or office. You’ll need some basic cleaning equipment to get started, though most customers are happy for you to use their own products. Be sure you have a device for taking before and after photos to build your future client base as well.

5. Mobile catering

Niche food trucks are hot property thanks to pop-ups in trendy places such as microbreweries and music festivals. Mobile gourmet burritos, sushi, and even ‘pizza cones’ are a far cry from the fried food trucks and ice cream vans of our childhood. Mobile food trucks today come with fully decked-out kitchens, custom artwork for the outside, and the ability to show up where the demand is.

And it doesn’t stop at food trucks, with mobile catering proving a popular option for event planners or party hosts. With a lot of things to organize, you can make yourself necessary by dropping off catering at the location needed, rather than having it picked up by the client. This helps you ensure your food arrives at the event in perfect condition as well. 

Taking the plunge and starting a mobile business

If your dream is to run your own business, it’s probably largely due to the added freedom and flexibility that comes along with it. Choosing your own hours, not answering to a boss and a better work-life balance are all par for the course with self-employment. It’s important to check what licenses you’ll need to hold to get your mobile business off the ground, so be sure to do your research before hitting the road.

It’s also important to adapt to the times to keep your business successful and relevant, which is why mobile businesses are experiencing a growth period at this time. As a society, we’re time and energy-poor, so by providing convenience within your service, you’re actively making their lives easier.