A diy electric generator that can power your home 100% free with permanent generator magnets

You can provide free electricity to you home by building a diy electric generator. This permanent generator is Powered by magnets so they do not need an outside source like fuel to run. Magnet generators is an easy design that 11 year old can build. Permanent Magnet generators can be built and ready to go for a cost of under $200.

This Diy electric generator is not bulky and does not need fuel to run it. The magnet generator includes a generator shaft, rotors secured with the shaft, each rotor including a plate shaped structure having a permanent magnet attached to it, and a stator coil. All parts are easy accessible that can be found in an hardware.

Magnet power generator are proven to be energy efficient. We need to do something about the rising prices in energy cost. TUltility prices are steadily rising because of high demand and government eviromental regulation for electric companies to improve their plants to be more eviroment friendly.

Magnet generator is a new step in alternative energy technology because of its nature.

Magnetic power generator is capable of reducing your electricity to 50% to 100% just think of the money you could save.. No specialist equipment or tools are required to build your permanent magnet generator. Most people have at least some form of basic tool kit and this should be all that's required for you to get started.

This technology has been kept secret by big electrical companies because once everyone start powering there homes with permanent generators they would lose millions of dollar. By transfering to magnet generator you will be saving thousands a year while stopping electrical companies from raising there rates each year. Now lets take advantage of this simple technology and build your own diy electric generator so you can produce free electricity.

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