3 reasons why is conserving energy important for the United States of America

1. Independent from foreign oil

The question is why is conserving energy important? First lets talk about crude oil. United States have about 30 year reserves of oil. The world demand for oil is getting greater. China and India economy is growing and more people are using cars so oil companies is having an hard time to keep up with oil demands. The U.S right now is the number 1 oil consumption country. When oil supply is lowering the price of crude oil goes up, and high priced crude oil is terrible for our economy.

2. Save our environment and health

We need to start conserving our fossil fuel because it is very harsh to our environment. Fossil fuel is fuel that goes through a combustion process. The burning produces waste products that goes into the environment. The gases are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and other harsh waste compounds. These pollutants are very bad for man king. For instance nitrogen oxide irritates the lungs. Particulate materials contribute to respiratory sickness and cardiac problems, and maybe cause cancer.

3. Save Money

By conserving energy you will also be saving money. We can use mother nature to supply us with energy. Use solar panels to catch the rays of the sun to give you energy to power your home or business. We can also use geothermal heating and cooling to save us thousands each year. Geothermal heating and cooling system uses the water that is beneath the earth and compress it into hot or cold water to regulate the building temperature. There are little disadvantages in using alternative energy the start up cost our always more than conventional energy but in the long run you will be saving thousands.

Now why is conserving energy important? So we can be independent from foreign oil that will bring our economy down. Save our environment so it can be suitable to live in. Look up what crude oil did to Kuwait land. Keep us healthy and not consuming these bad pollutants in our body, and to save money by using the great alternative energy technology to produce energy. We can be responsible people by conserving energy by transferring to alternative energy.

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