Duplicate content and Google in 2019

I remember the days pre Google Panda when you could create content and syndicate it around the web getting great exposure and collecting quality backlinks all at the same time, well those days have gone, sadly in one way but good in another.  Nowadays with the current Google Algorithm in 2019 quality means uniqueness, good grammar, compelling use of language and images to support the best user experience you can muster.

I did an experiment here on Article Alley to see how Google reacts to duplicates and guess what it doesn't like them!

https://www.brasskangaroo.com/news/bermuda-as-a-base-for-your-startup-1 this article originally appear on Medium.com

We also published it here on the new look Article Alley.  Medium is a very strong site with a high Domain Authority score and when I search for it on Google, not surprisingly it appears at #1 for that exact match phrase.

What is more the version on this site does not appear unless the  "repeat the search with the omitted results included." is selected.

Yep there it is supressed from the SERPS as the post is a pure duplicate.  This is why it is important to write unique content as otherwise articles like this just don't get to appear in the SERPS and what is more it runs the risk of falling foul of the Panda and then Penguin filters.

This article is now being re-written and I'll show the results next once Google recrawls it as the post will then appear in the SERPS due to the title matching the search request but the content being now unique.

Hopefully this article illustrates well the importance of writing and keeping your content unique and as high quality as you can manage. Now in 2019 it is harder than ever to rank and perform well on Google and it takes more hard work than back in the days pre February 2011 however it is a level playing field and you can achieve great results it just takes more time  and more dedication than before.

Check out this great video by Neil Patel who is a very well respected  SEO professional, as Neil explains snippets of content referenced are fine but verbatim copying is not.

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