Easy and Useful Conversation Starters for Couples in a Rut

Easy and Useful Conversation Starters for Couples in a Rut.

Do you feel like the magic in your relationship has just gone up and went? Do you want to bring the spark back in your love life? Do you long for the times when you just met and the stories seem to just come, time just flies by and you just can't have enough of each other? The problem is your communication. You already know each other too well and things seem routinary. Here we have some helpful couples conversation starters that may just jump start your love life to turbo mode.

Try a couple or all of these couples conversation starter tips and see how your relationship goes back to life like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes:

1) Listen to your mates every word. After the usual "How's your day?", it's normal to just drone of to your own world after doing that seemingly obligatory statement. If you really care about your partner, try to listen for a couple of nuggets of information that you may expound on later on.

An easy trick that will help you stay totally in focus at that crucial moment would be to repeat your partner's account as a question. "The sale didn't push through??" Saying the words out loud forces you to record their meaning, and lobbing a question back at your partner virtually guarantees he'll elaborate on the story. This are couples conversation starters that helps to focus on your mate's day and shows you are concerned.

2) Start the banter by telling your partner about your dreams and tell your partner how he/she is a part of it. Ask your mate about their dreams too. Then combine your dreams together. Talk about the good things you want to happen to you guys and how you think it could be realized. Dream chasing together is really like making plans about your future together. It will look like to your partner that saying you're happy that he/she is in your life and you plant on keeping the status quo.

3) Play a fantasy like What if game with your partner. This is like dreaming together but it is more focused on your partner. Questions like "What if there was only one type of dish left which one would you want it to be?" or "What if you won a prize and it's a trip, where would you want to go?". There is no right or wrong answers to this game. Use this as a vessel to knowing more about your partners desires, wants and wishes. Couples conversation starters like these may help you understand your partner more.

4) Talk about a juicy gossip you guys know. Secrets can be shared; it is between only the two of you. Contrary to popular belief, a recent study from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology shows that men do like to hear stories about other people as much as women do. These are special moments because it shows that you trust the other person in the relationship with a secret. Couples conversation starters like these crosses the borderline between sexuality and unites the couple as human beings.

5) Problems are very effective couples conversation starters. When you share your dilemmas you show that you trust your partner and you see him/her as a shoulder to cry on. Your partner will feel respected and needed. As for the other partner, when a problem is poured unto you, try to focus on a solution though it is not needed right away since a solution should be thought over very well. Little
compliments would be effective as a morale booster.

Using these couples conversation starters is not a miracle drug that would guarantee a lived happily ever after ending, but they are the first few steps in rehabilitating your relationship. With dedication and perseverance this will work, the first step is usually the biggest one.