EVE Online: Short Invention Guide

Invention is a Method to create a T2 BPC out of a T1 BPC. This can net good amount of eve money and one of the best way of making lots of ISK so far. You can check out more isk making methods from these URLs below:



You need the following things in order to invent a BPC: - a T1 BPC - 2 types of datacores - an interface - Optional: a decryptor - Optional: an Item of the type of the BPC First, the BPC: It needs the maximum number of licensed runs for the type, for example 300 for Modules as Cargohold Expanders. The ME and PE does not change anything. The datacores: You can get the Datacores from R&D Agents, where you buy them for RP. Most Datacores cost 50 RP and you can calculate the number of LP you get per day with this formula: RP=(AgentLvl+SkillLvl)²*(1+(EffectiveQuali/100)*DivisionMultiplier

The type of datacores you need varies from blueprint to blueprint and they are destroyed during the Invention process. The Interface: You need an Interface for each BPC, there are 3 Interfaces per race, one for ships, one for Modules and one for Rigs. These won't be destroyed during the Invention process so you can use them for multiple Inventions. But they have a really high price (100m+, up to several 100m ISK) causing Invention to need a high starting Budget. You can compare the exchange isk rate here: http://www.mmobux.com/compare/eve/eve-online-isk The decryptor: They can modify the stats and Chances of your Invention. For example make a lower ME (more material requirements) but higher Chances and more Runs. Price for these vary from a few 100k ISK up to about 300m. During the Invention process the decryptor will be destroyed. The T1 item: A T1 item increases you chances for a successful Invention. The better the item ist (named) the higher the chances are. Note that T2 Items can't be used. The T1 Item is destroyed during the Invention.

The Skills needed for Invention: In order to get a good rate of successful Inventions, you need to get high Skills (level 4 or 5). The minimun skill requirements are: Electronics 2 Electronic Upgrades 5 Engineering 2 Science 5 Hacking 2 The specific Encryption Skill (for example Amarr Encryption Methods) needed for the BPC And the Skills you need for the datacores. For Example Molecular Engineering, minimum is level 1.

Doing the Invention If you got those skills and Items then get to a station with Invention slots, right-click the T1 BPC and select start Invention and fill all fields with the correct Items and start the Invention and with a bit of luck you get a t2 BPC after the Invention process. The T2 BPC doesn't have much runs, usually about 10, not as the T1 BPC and its ME is lower than 0 in most cases. Then build it and sell or use the T2 items from that BPC. I hope this guide helps a bit with Invention.