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How to maintain your rifle or pistol safe

Across Australia, the estimated number of registered firearms owned by Australians is around 3 million as of October 2016, and the number has multiplied further since then.

As Voltaire said “With great power comes great responsibility”. It is the responsibility of every firearm owner around Australia, legally and morally, that they should do their upmost to keep their rifles or pistols locked up when not in use and at a safe distance from anyone who is not the registered firearm owner. To this end having a high quality gun safe is one of the best ways to do so, and purchasing from a professional gun safe dealer in Australia, including us at Kookaburra Safes. All our gun safes are made of quality material that will give you the best chance to protect your firearms from fire or theft.

Although all our safes are made from quality materials and are tested to withstand attempted break-ins or in many cases extended fire, it should not be assumed that the safes won’t require any maintenance at all. In this article we will cover certain basic gun safe maintenance tips that will help you keep your gun safe in top condition and functional for as long as possible.

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Tips for maintaining your gun safe

Step 1:

Before you start cleaning the gun safe always first ensure that you have all that you need to clean the gun safe, so that when you actually start the cleaning you don’t have to waste time and effort locating what you need next.


3 sets of soft cloths; you should use soft cloths to prevent scratching the gun safe surface while cleaning. 3 sets of cloths are recommended just to make sure that you don’t transfer the dirt from the dusting cloth, and always use warm water and mild detergent for spotless cleaning.

Step 2:

Before you start the cleaning make sure that you remove all the firearms from the gun safe, so you can inspect the cleaning areas, and if your gun safe includes removable shelves, take them out carefully and clean them separately. You can also use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to escalate the process.

Step 3:

Start with vacuuming and brushing the interior and exteriors of your gun safe. Next use the first soft cloth and wipe the interior and exteriors of the gun safe/s carefully. Now take the second cloth and dip it into the warm water mixed with mild detergent to get rid of stains. Once you are done with this, use the third soft cloth and wipe the exterior and interior of the gun safe very carefully, making sure that no moisture is left behind.

Step 4:

The last step in the gun safe maintenance process is oiling your gun safe hinges. Make sure to apply oil on all the hinges of your gun safe at regular intervals of time for smooth functioning of doors. Also make sure to apply oil on all sides of the hinges, and before you start reusing your safe make sure to clean the extra oil with a soft cloth so that the oil doesn’t spill over onto your firearms.


As an ending note, we would suggest you fix a schedule for the cleaning and checkup of your gun safe, preferably every month as long time gaps between the cleaning and checkups will make it difficult for you to maintain and clean your gun safe effectively and will also reduce the life of your gun safe.

We hope you found these simple maintenance tips for your gun safe useful in managing, maintaining and improving your gun safe life span. If you have any questions or wish to purchase a rifle or pistol safe you can call us our Toll-Free number 1800 637 429 Mon-Sat, or fill out our Contact Us form and we will contact you shortly.