India Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market by Offering (Hardware, Software and Service), By Technology (Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Machine Vision, ASI & AGI), End-User (Healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive & Transportation, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, and Others) – Opportunities and Forecast, 2019-2026

India Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Insights, Deep Analysis of Key Vendor in the Industry 2019-2026

Artificialintelligence (AI) is the replication ofhuman intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. In otherwords, it is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot toaccomplish tasks commonly related with intelligent beings. The process of AIincludes learning; the acquisition of data and rules for using the information,reasoning; using rules to achieve approximate or definite ends andself-correction. AI designed for certain activities such as speech recognition,learning, planning, problem solving, machine vision, etc.

The factors responsible fordriving the growth of Artificialintelligence (AI) market in India includes,growing adoption of cloud-based services coupled with increasing demand forintelligent virtual assistants. Additionally, due to the country-wide positiveposition regarding the technology along with the role of AI, ML and analyticsstart-ups, India becomes prominent in research and innovation in the field ofAI. Due to which tech giants like Facebook and Google, are increasing theirresearch, investment and collaboration effort in the field of AI and ML in thecountry which is also fuelling the market growth. Moreover, increasingpenetration artificial intelligence in several industries such asmanufacturing, security, human resource, automotive and others would furtherpositively influence market growth. Increasing government funding in R&D ofAI based technological advancements will also propel the market growth.However, data security concern and lack of skilled professional are restrainingthe market growth.

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The India AI market hasbeen segmented on the basis of offering, technology and end-user. Based onoffering market is categorized into hardware, software and services. On thebasis of technology, market is segmented into Machine Learning, NaturalLanguage Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Machine Vision, ASI & AGI. Basedon the application market is segmented into Indoor and Outdoor. Based on theend-user, the market is categorized into Healthcare, BFSI, Retail,Manufacturing, Automotive & Transportation, Agriculture, Manufacturing,Media & Entertainment, and Others.

The research report “India AI market”provides an in-depth analysis of India AI market based on offering, technologyand end-user for the forecast period from 2019 to 2026. The report alsohighlights the major market drivers propelling the growth as well as challengesfaced by market participants. The research report provides market size andforecast for the global Lighting Control System market. In addition, the reportalso analyses the competitive landscape, major players and their strategies in2018. The competitive landscape section of the report captures and highlightsthe recent developments in the market.

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Key questions answered in this research report:
1- At what pace is the India AI market growing?What will be a growth trend in the future?
2- What are the key drivers and restraints inthe current market? What will be the impact of drivers and restraints in thefuture?
4- What are the various application areas andhow they are poised to grow?

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