Matching Children's Clothing for Brothers and Sisters : Family Clothing Ideas That Are Fun for Kids

Children's clothing can be as varied as children themselves and can include anything from casual T-shirts and jeans, to dresses and neat shirts, to elegant little gowns and junior tuxedos, depending on the occasion. Children's wardrobes may include a whole gamut of clothing styles and items. For the most part, each child will dress as he or she chooses, but there may be times when all of the children in one family may want to dress alike for special events or just for fun.

Matching clothing for two or more sisters, clothing sets for two or more brothers, matching brother and sister clothing, or twins clothing can add some pizazz to a routine day out and can engender double takes from passers-by. There may even be special times when you want to dress all of your children in matching clothing or, if you're heading to a family reunion or a crowded fair or amusement park, you may even want your entire family (including mom and dad) to dress alike in matching family clothes so that you can all easily pick each other out in a crowd and ensure that no one gets lost in the shuffle.

What are the possibilities for putting together matching brother and sister clothing for children ? One traditional option is simply to buy multiples of a particular item of children's clothing. For example, you may dress three adorable little girls alike in the same little dress, all in the same color or each in a different color.

A variation on this theme is to dress your boy and girl in variations on a theme. For instance, each child can wear a different outfit, but one which includes the same fabric in part. A little girl might wear an outfit that includes a plaid skirt while her little brother wears a suit that includes a vest in a matching or complimentary plaid material.

For some siblings though, especially if they are beyond the preschool years, this may seem overly precious and children may resent having to all dress alike. Each would rather be free to choose clothing that suits his or her own tastes and that helps each assert his or her own unique personality.

For casual outings these kids may prefer to pick out their own clothing but may still enjoy creating a united family front by wearing matching T-shirts. That way, all of the children can identify with each other, yet each is free to wear different trousers, jackets and such at the same time. Children's clothing like T-shirts and sweatshirts are available with so many different designs decorating them that sisters and brothers can easily select a single image that appeals to all of them, like a bird, a fairy tale character or an animal.

Another idea for matching brother and sister clothing is to choose children's T-shirts, jerseys or sweatshirts that are not exactly alike, but that go together to create a coordinated set. For example, one child might wear a Country Mouse T-shirt while the other wears a children's T-shirt that features the City Mouse, both characters coming from the fairy tale "The Country Mouse and the City Mouse." Alternatively, a sister might wear Goldilocks on her tee while her sister or brother wears a tee sporting the Three Bears.

One sweatshirt for dog-loving children, with a coordinated sweatshirt for cat-loving children, plus a third for bird-lovers can create a fun family cool weather set, each one different and reflecting each child's taste in favorite animals, yet all coordinated in theme and matching in visual style and layout. A family clothing set that includes both parents, as well, and adds a touch of humor could carry a Three Bears theme, for instance. Dad's T-shirt would say "Papa Bear," mom's would be labeled "Mama Bear," and a small child's would read "Baby Bear."

Families might also decide to make some specific statement when out together in public, such as by choosing matching family T-shirts that all read "Our Family Loves Animals" or "There's No Place Like Home." At family events they can add both sweetness and humor to the festivities by wearing coordinated tops on the subject of family love, from "I Love Mommy" to "I Love Daddy" to "I Love My Big Brother" to "I Love Grandpa," or everyone from babies to great grandmas can simply dress in "I Love My Family" T-shirts. Your family might even opt for a set of T-shirts or family sweatshirts that are personalized just for you, bearing the names of family members or carrying some saying or phrase that has special meaning for your family. Such clothing items are readily available on the web.

Lastly, if your children don't like to dress alike but there are certain special occasions when you'd really like them to present a united front and create the appearance of a matched set, you could try just using minor items of children's clothing or accessories that match in style or color or both. For this situation colorful sashes, hair ribbons, scarves or hats might fit the bill perfectly.

Just for fun your children might also enjoy collecting other types of objects such as mugs, throw pillows or mouse pads, each unique yet part of a thematically linked set. Mugs, for example, each of which is decorated with a picture from a different fairy tale, can allow each child in the house to feel special and unique. "The Cinderella mug is mine and the Jack and the Beanstalk mug is yours." This sort of novelty item can add an extra element of fun to ordinary mealtimes and visually reinforce each family member's place in the seating arrangement, thus avoiding needless squabbles at the dinner table.

Your children's individual preferences, closeness in age, shared interests, similarities of taste, need to feel a part of a group, and need to assert their individuality will all play a part in the children's clothing that you buy for them. With a playful spirit and an eye towards imaginative novelty, you can find unique and whimsical ways to encourage family spirit and cohesiveness by dressing your children in matching children's clothing or in coordinated children's clothing for brothers, sisters, twins or entire families. Have fun !

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