Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program/Nurse Assistant Training Program (NATP) at Southern California Nursing Academy, Inc. (SoCal Nursing)

Test and Certification Requirements with Traits of a Certified Nursing Assistant

Test and Certification Requirements with Traits of a Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants give different types of basic care to individuals, who cannot manage their requirements on their own. For this, you have to complete a short-term training program from a reputed Nursing Assistant School in La Quinta, CA to get certification and to improve the quality of life of people who want that basic help due to their age, illness,and disability. 

If you want to pursue the certified Nursing Assistant(CNA) Program in La Quinta, CA, you must choose a reputed academy of the United States named Southern Californian Nursing Academy. The nursing academy offers an accredited program by teaming up with TRPU i.e. Training Program Review Unit, ATCS i.e. Aide and Technician Certification Section, and Californian PublicHealth Department. Only, you have to pass the test and meet the minimum certification requirements to get NursingAssistant Certification in La Quinta, CA, and practice as a nursing assistant.


Tests and Certification Requirements


1.     You have to maintain an average of 60 percent of your score in your test.

2.     Other than this, you have to complete the mentioned policies and procedures under the StateCompetency Evaluations to become a graduate of the Southern Californian NursingAcademy.


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CDPH Approved Competency Testing Vendors


SoC always refers students to CDPH i.e. California Department of Public Health and their approved competency test vendors to conduct the examination of CNA aspirants. This will lead to the successful accomplishment of the Nurse AssistantTraining Program (NATP) in La Quinta, CA, and other surrounding Californian cities. 


·        Only CDPH test vendors will conduct the competency evaluation test of candidates

·        Either the NationalNursing Aid Assessment Certification or the American Red Cross has the right to refer and test students pursuing CNA Program in LaQuinta, CA.

·        Students will get a handbook of the National Nursing Aid Assistant program right on the first day of their CNAClasses in La Quinta, CA.

·        Each student has to complete his/her nursing assistant application, which the academy will place on the official file southern Californian Nursing Academy.

·        Students have to send their applications to various regional test centers and make a payment or schedule their state examinations.


NATP Policy is Mandatory


The education and certification policy of the Southern California Nursing Academy must include various procedures to schedule the students’ tests.


Inclusion of Procedural Steps


Students will get information related to various procedural steps for the methods, sources, and contents to provide information related to competency evaluation tests to pursue a certified nursing assistant program.


Essential Traits to Become a Certified NursingAssistant



You must have a caring nature and stay kind enough to help your patients to give them the necessary emotional support.


Physically Fit

Certified nursing assistants must be physically fit so that they can lift, move and adjust patients while dressing, getting out of bed, walking and standing, and so on.



You must pay close attention to certain changes in the condition of your patients.


Team Player

Certified nursing assistants have to work as team members of a big healthcare group consists of doctors, nurses, and other nursing assistants.


Good Listener

Lastly, you always have to be a good listener while discussing the pain, symptoms, and other related concerns of your patients.