The Endless Skin Care Benefits of Tamanu Oil Are Ancient, Traditional and Unbelieveably Fabulous

Today I want to talk about Tamanu Oil, as the benefits of this fabulous oil seem to be endless. In fact, there appears to be a complete absence of any negative consequences. Here in Vanuatu, we are well aware of the remarkable curative and regenerative properties of this magical oil, when it comes to treating various skin conditions. Just the same, this does not mean that we truly appreciate the nature and extent to which this oil has and can be put to use. More on this later.

Although indigenous Melanesian and Polynesian communities discovered this mind-blowing, natural skin care remedy many centuries ago, it is only in recent times that Tamanu Oil has begun to attract serious attention from the beauty industry. Volcanic Earth's efforts in promoting pure Vanuatu Tamanu Oil in the global marketplace, via our international resellers, website and Tropical First Aid range, may well have contributed to this development in some small way - at least our overseas sales figures seem to reflect this.

One thing that is clear is that Tamanu Oil is at the cutting edge of a new wave of emerging skin care products, especially skin acne products. While it is not an acne cleanser or acne cream but rather an oil, below I will explain precisely why it is becoming a must-have item for many people around the world.

How Tamanu Oil Is Produced

The Tamanu tree only bears fruit once a year and the fruit itself is inedible. However, inside the fruit is a pale-coloured nut kernel. When this nut kernel is dried (which takes 1-2 months), it turns a deep, chocolate brown and releases a sticky, rich oil. These days, the oil is often extracted from the nut kernels using some form of mechanical cold press. The resulting Tamanu Oil is a rich, luxurious, greenish-amber colour. It is non-toxic and devoid of any chemical additives.

The Healing Benefits Of Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is made from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree. While the tree itself does grow inland, it prefers salty, sandy soil, with the result that it tends to grow profusely near the sea. The native Ni Vanuatu people claim that the best Tamanu Oil comes from the trees that grow near coastal areas, rather than from those that grow inland.

The ability of pure Tamanu Oil to heal the skin surpasses that of most, if not all, modern day skin care products. Scientific studies show that Tamanu Oil is a significant healing agent because of its ability to produce new skin tissue and because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic, antibiotic and antioxidant properties.

While Tamanu Oil can be used effectively to treat a range of infections including ring worm, athlete's foot, itching and dermatitis of the scalp or beard (due to the presence of Friedelin) and infected wounds and burns (due to the anti-bacterial presence of Canophyllol and the antibiotic presence of lactone), it is its cicatrizing capacity that sets it apart.

Cicatrization is the process involved in the formation of new tissue. Consequently, the oi is amazingly effective for the treatment of everything from acne and acne scars, scarring generally, stretch marks, diabetic sores, psoriasis, sunburn, blisters, abrasions, burns, cuts, eczema, herpes sores, insect bites and stings, fissures, dry or scaly skin and my personal favourite - the reduction or complete removal of unsightly age spots.

Tamanu Oil is also a natural deodorant and this is why it is used for the reduction of foot and/or body odour. The natural anti-inflammatory qualities of the oil also produce significant pain-relieving properties (due in part to the presence of Phenyl Coumarin Calophyllolide and various xanthones in the oil). It is this anti-inflammatory quality that is primarily responsible for the reduction of general swelling, rashes, sores, and abrasions.

Sometimes referred to as "Green Gold" or the Sacred Oil of Tamanu, this oil also possesses analgesic properties that help rid the body of pain extremely fast - this is especially so when it comes to conditions such as neuralgia, sciatica, shingles and rheumatism. The combination of the oil's anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities can be particularly beneficial in the case of pulled muscles, ligament damage and sprains.

Tamanu Oil can be applied to the surface of the skin to promote healthy, blemish-free skin. Many Ni Vanuatu women apply use it on babies to prevent nappy rash. It may be applied to treat a variety of skin irritations, including those caused by warts, allergies or skin ulcers. Tamanu Oil has proved successful in the treatment of severe skin conditions, including a gangrenous leg ulcer.

Some of the other skin care benefits of this tropical first aid remedy include the treatment of eczema on hands, eczema on face, psoriasis, chemical burns, skin grafts, post surgical wounds, vaginitis, chilblains - just to name a few.

One of the most important features of Tamanu Oil is its ability to penetrate all three layers of the skin - i.e. the Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis. Apart from all its other qualities, this fact goes a long way towards explaining why Tamanu Oil can do what it does.

Not surprisingly, this wonderful oil can even be used to treat animals such as dogs and cats.

How To Use Tamanu Oil

The Oil is non-greasy and readily absorbed into the skin. As it is so effective, a little goes a long way. Our handy 12ml Roll On is an ideal applicator. Better still, it's refillable so once you have the roll-on, you can simply buy our 50ml bottle of Tamanu Oil and refill it.

Simply roll the oil onto the affected area. Initially, it's a good idea to apply the oil 3-5 times a day and then cut back as the problem begins to heal. This is another reason why our little Roll-On is so handy, as it will easily fit into most purses/handbags or trouser/shirt pockets.

Treatments Acne,Acne Scarring - works on both dry and oily skin. you can even buy Tamanu Butter which is both an acne cream and a skin rejuvenating cream. Either way, neither have any of the harmful side effects of most other acne treatments.

Although we are not aware of any documented reports of adverse effects due to application of Tamanu Oil, care may need to be taken if you are allergic to nuts. The Oil of Tamanu is an all-natural product that is clearly very versatile and effective. It can be applied directly to the skin and is suitable for treating a wide range of skin conditions.

So, if you want to clear up acne or some other skin condition then get yourself some Tamanu Oil TODAY - Just make sure it's pure Tamanu Oil and that it is not mixed with some lesser, inferior oil. It might be cheaper but it's also far less effective. To be sure you are getting the real deal, I recommend you visit Volcanic Earth today. (