The automotive actuators market size will grow by over USD 1.1 billion units during 2019-2023. This report offers an analysis of the market based on vehicle type

Theglobalautomotive actuators market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.28%during the forecast period. The global automotive actuators market has beensegmented based on application into body control, interior, and exterior;engine; and chassis. 

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The actuators provide mechanicalmovement to the components. Actuator differs upon demand and requirement of avehicle. For instance, there are two types of grill shutter actuators, singleoutput and dual output, which have different nominal torque. Single outputgrill shutter actuators from Johnson Electric have a nominal torque of 0.8 to 1Nm, while dual output grill shutter actuators have a nominal torque range of0.7 to 1.2 Nm. 


Such variations in the types ofactuators provided by the vendors, together with constant innovation in theactuators market and the automotive industry, increase the requirement ofactuators in the body, exterior, and interior of vehicles. Moreover,improvements in safety features such as adaptive lighting systems andrain-sensing wipers are driving the global automotive actuators marketthroughout this segment during the forecast period. 


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