Tips for sampling and choosing perfume

Tips for sampling and choosing perfume

Tip 1:
Perfume never has the exactly same fragrance on different people. Don't choose a perfume just because you like the fragrance on someone else. Perfume will interact differently with each individual's body chemistry

Tip 2:
Fragrance is a combination of the perfume's scent and your body's chemistry. Don't try to tell what a perfume is like by sniffing the bottle. Apply the perfume to your wrist and allow the fragrance to develop, and blend with your skins unique features, before testing. Allow up to 10 minutes for fragrance development after applying the perfume sample.

Tip 3:
Limiting sampling to 3 or 4 perfumes at a time will avoid confusing and overwhelming your sense of smell. Sniffing coffee beans between samples can help clear and refresh your sense of smell. 

Tip 4:
When sampling consider developing a perfume wardrobe. A perfume wardrobe is like a clothing wardrobe, with perfumes for different seasons, occasions, and moods. A perfume for each of, casual, evening and romantic wear will cover most requirements.

Tip 5:
It is perfume oils that give perfumes their fragrance. Check the category of the perfume when selecting your perfume. The higher the concentration of perfume oil the longer the perfume will last.

Perfume category Typical Perfume Oil Content

After Shave 0.5% - 2.0%

Eau de Cologne 3.0% - 5.0%

Eau de Toilette 5.0% - 8.0%

Eau de Parfum 8.0% - 15.0%

Parfum 15.0% - 30.0%