A Natural Acne Remedy - Tomatoes

The tomato can be an effective natural acne remedy as it has many properties that make it kind to the skin. Tomatoes have antioxidant qualities, it can prevent skin damage at the cullar level and it can also tighten the pores of the skin which reduces the likelyhood of an acne breakout.

Tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, both of which make tomatoes a good natural acne remedy.

How to Use Tomatoes as a Natural Acne Remedy

There are many ways in which you can use tomatoes as part of your acne treatment.

1) A very simple way is simply to cut a tomato in half and rub the cut side over the affected area. Leave the juice on for a few minutes and rinse off.

2) A more effective method is to make a proper face mask from the tomato. Take a ripe tomato, make a cross in the top and then plunge it into hot water for a few seconds. This will allow you to peel off the skin. Cut the tomato in half, discard the seeds and then mash the remaining pulp and use this as a face mask. Leave on for up to 1 hour before rinsing.

3) If working with the tomato pulp is a little awkward another alternative you can try is to mix together 1 tablespoon of fresh tomato juice with a few drops of lime juice and then apply this to the affected areas using a cotton ball. Again, leave the mixture on for a few minutes before rinsing off with some warm water.

4) Another variation on the tomato face mask is to mix together tomato juice and cucumber juice which has also been proven to be a good natural acne remedy. In fact when using home made remedies you can often combine them together in a variety of ways.

Finally, acne can leave the skin feeling very sore so you might like to try this natural acne remedy which also cools and soothes the skin. Pulp the flesh of one tomato as described earlier and then mix this with 2 tablespoons of yoghurt. Spread this over the face and relax for 20 minutes.

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