Dominican Republic – great for family holidays

If you are looking to spend some quality time out with your kids and family, then choosing a tropical vacation is one of the best things to consider. One place, in particular, the Dominican Republic is no doubt the unparallel option in the region. A holiday package for the Caribbean Island can provide you with some of the best experiences at the cheapest rates.

Whyplan a vacation to the Dominican Republic?

Therea lot of reasons that work to make the Dominican Republic one of the top choices in the region. We have mentioned the most common ones below.

  1. Direct Flights

Direct flights are easily available to Punta Cana from most of the leading cities of the world including Birmingham,  London,  Bristol, Manchester,  and the flight takes less than 9 hours to reach the place.

  1. Tropical Climate

Another factor that makes a place ideal for family holidays is its climate.  Sitting between the Caribbean and the Atlantic bodies, Dominican Republic maintains a tropical climate throughout the year and the temperature can range from a minimum of 19 degrees in December to a maximum of 34 degrees in August.

  1. Second largest nation in the Caribbean Region

Cuba tops the list in terms of size among all the Caribbean nations and the Dominican Republic firmly secures the second place. It is one of the two occupants of the divided island and neighbor to Haiti in the south. Though English is one of the most widely spoken languages inthe region,  Spanish is the official language.

  1. National parks

The best option for a kids’ vacation is national parks and the Dominican Republic boasts of 14 of the best ones in the area. It also includes the La Caleta underwater park along with the Cave of Miracles.

  1. World Heritage Site

One of the oldest cities of the present day world, Santo Domingo currently homes more than three million individuals. It has been declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the mostinteresting historic centers of the world.

These are the top reasons that contribute to making the Dominican Republicas one of the top choices for a good family vacation. If you are planning to visit the place for your next holiday, you might as well consider a few places to visit and things to do out there as well.

Placesto visit in the Dominican Republic

Some of the top places to visit in this Caribbean country include:

  1. Santo Domingo

This place has some of the most exotic beach resorts that are ideal forfamily holidays. Watersports, the sandy beaches, and the sea can be alot attractive but you must set aside a day to enjoy what Santo Domingo, the colonial heart has in offer for you. It has some of the best historic quarters, cobbled alleys, symmetric roads,  museums, restaurants,  shops, and an architectural boon.  Some of the must-visit places here include Malecon, Museo Bellapart, Plaza Espana, Museo DeArte Moderno, and many other places.

  1. Punta Cana

There is a paradise resort at the far southern tip of Dominican Republic with flawless beaches and best coasts. The place has more than 11golf courses, kids’ clubs, water parks, private beaches, and spas.  Manati Park, Marinarium, pirate cruises, horse riding, jeep safaris,snorkeling, and diving are some of the activities that you must try here.

  1. Samana

This is the national park province on the eastern coast of the country. The beach atmosphere is quite laid-back with calm seas. It is anideal place for walking trails or watching whales. The place has alot of eco-resorts, charming villas, and many tropical villages. Some of the most interesting things in this place include humpback whales,La Churcha, Los Haitises National Park, Museo de las Ballenas, MuseoTaino, Caya Laventado and Playa Ias Terrenas.

  1. Puerto Plata

It is also known as the northern sister of Santo Domingo especially for its colonial beauty from the late times of 16th century. The Mount Isabel de Torres shelters the area the Atlantic sea wraps it around. Puer to Plata is known for the Victorian villas,tropical gardens, and ancient fortresses. Its coast is spread over a 100 km stretch and some of the excellent hotels for family visits.  The most interesting places here include the Damajagua Falls, kiteboarding activities, riding up the Mount Isabel de Torres incable cars and visiting the Ocean World Adventure Park.

  1. La Romana

You can reach this sheltered coast on the west by driving for an hour from Punta Cana. Apart from pretty islands and long sparkling beaches, the area is known for its huge fields of sugar cane. It also boasts of some of the nation’s best family resort. The Del Este National Park is a top attraction of the province. It has a lot of kids’ club, theme parks, child-friendly resorts, and many adventure activities for the visitors. You can enjoy a horse ranch at Casa deCampo apart from sports programs for kids and a baseball pitch. Apart from the main La Romana city, Sendero padre Nuestro Island, IslaSaona, Altos de Chavon and Cueva Fun Fun are some of the chief attractions of the place.