The Great Potential Of Solar Power To Reduce Pollution


Nowadays, many people depend on the use of Solar power to save electricity and use acheaper solution to benefit themselves. Fundamentally, Solar power isthe adaptation of energy from sunlight and changing it, implementing it, with sophisticated technology into electricity. There are two ways to get solar power, either by direct way or indirect way.  Photovoltaics is the direct way, these were first exclusively introduced to be used as a foundation of electricity for small ormedium-sized applications. On the other hand, the indirect way topractice solar power is concentrated solar power, these use lenses orglasses and tracking systems so it can focus or gather a great area of sunlight into a small beam, hence, using it to convert energy.  Photovoltaic systems can last for the period limit to 25 to 40 yearsand surprisingly don't use fuel.


The initial growth of solar technologies was starting in the 1860s was held by anassumption that coal would soon become scarce.   However, Charles Fritts, an American inventor, installed the world's first rooftop photovoltaic solar array, only applying just one percent of seleniumcells, on a New York City roof in 1884. Afterwards, and foremost the development of solar technologies was a popular and fabulous hit and was increasing demands in the initial age of the 20th century asthere was availability and also an expansion of the economy.

There produced to be arapid increase of installations and adaptions of photovoltaic systems between the historical advancing years of 1970 and 1983. However,there demonstrated to be a loss of a great and vast deal in oilprices during then.

In the mid years of the1990s, the advance and gain in both, residential and commercialrooftop solar as well as photovoltaic power stations, lead to stimulating development due to supply issues with oil and natural gas and global warming concerns.


Extremely dependent electricity that is generated by burning oil and coal builds up agreenhouse gas that has been claimed by the modern society. Vehicles, homes desire immense load amounts of energy, but however there is aninfinite supply of fossil fuels and sunshine, so there won't be any problems causing soon.   Both technologies and machineries [panels and photovoltaic panels] help the environment as they minimalize the needto burn fossil fuels, which results in a immense decrease in airpollution and greenhouse gases, they also don’t need many functioning parts which proves to cut the hassle.

A logical andmeasurable idea comes forward that - to make the maximum of solarpower technologies, especially from an energy security and sustainability perspective as solar energy is abundant throughoutmany parts of the world.

One of the advantages and rewards of solar power is that it produces its maximum and absolute output when the requirement arises.   During summer monthsthere can be noted to have an increase in energy usage due to airconditioners, but the specified and accurate solar energy thatprovides the warmth and heat to the country can be used to power those devices.


Many experts expect that the prices of hardware will drop by half of the hundred per centin the following coming years as many companies that have been provento be using solar power has been investing in this type of technologya s photovoltaic panels are still expensive and a luxury to produce orbuy.   Panels are directly installed and tied into the electricalsystem once they are bought by a resident or a business center.

On the other hand, some unusual toxic chemicals are applied and implemented to produce thephotovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity, thesesolar thermal systems use hopefully be hazardous and dangerous chemicals or fluids to transfer heat and however leaks of these couldtruly ruin and overthrow the environment and increase the risk ofcertain illness.   Many governments have stated strict laws issued fort he disposal of these types and varieties of materials.

Regularly clearing of the land for the construction, for the placement of power plants mayhave many effects that could either result from itself into beinglong-term or short-term results, such effects and results, which canruin habitats of many plants and animals, as they will have nodomestic habitats nor neither any sleep, live or eat. So manybusiness centers are advised by governments that they build powerplants stations in places that have less population or groups ofanimals and plants so it does not disturb or interfere with their habitats. However, there are still more advantages than thedisadvantages, and many of the disadvantages are solved by thegovernment which makes no concern for the future of solar power.

As said in the following statements made by Miss Wolf, she so accurately said thatthe great use of solar energy offered a great and huge potential ornatural resource and climate protection and also sustained for theexpansion of renewable energies on the road to a happy and satisfied future-oriented energy supply.


There are loads ofeconomic benefits as well, solar power generators can be utilized when on the other hand difficulty rises a huge deal to rely andestablish grid-connected power sources from remote areas. So truly,solar power is dependable. There is also not any necessary need ofpaying rising energy cost once the initial investment for the solarpower installation is paid after all sunlight is free and mostsystems have a payback of 7-10 years.

Many companies alsofavor and partially support solar energy as it has no noise and produce and generate a very good benefit of not have many moving parts involved as said earlier, so many companies point out solar power rather than other green-tech such as wind turbines which have many problems while functioning.

It also appears not torequire or need much of regular and immediate maintenance, as there sidential and fitted solar panels customarily only require cleaningseveral times of the year as not much dust is covered, given orcollected from the panels so not much of maintenance is required.

The advantages, supports,  claims, and services overrule and solar panels have radually produced and serviced a lot of contribution in making the world save huge amounts of energy which is both beneficial and also protect for the earth and the environment in the long run.