Does My Ex Still Love Me? What Your Ex Doesn't Want You To Know

Dating someone creates one of the strongest connections you can have with another human being. This is why when couples break up, it isn't always the end. Feeling and emotional bonds run a lot deeper than most people might think, and walking away never happens without at least some sort of look back. Learning what your ex doesn't want you to know about breaking up can clue you in on whether or not they still love you.

"My relationship ended... but does my ex still love me?"

That all depends. Was your break up rather sudden, or did was it in the works for a long, long time? Sometimes feelings do fade, but this usually takes a while. So when your ex breaks things off from out of the clear blue sky, there's a good chance he or she still has some very strong feelings for you.

Knowing the signs that your ex might want you back is an even bigger asset in the quest to getting back together. If you got dumped and still think your romance is worth saving, you've probably been taking steps toward winning your boyfriend or girlfriend back again. If not, you'd better get moving: only by being proactive about your break up can you one day hope to hold your ex in your arms again.

Immediately after breaking up with you however, your ex will be very guarded about his or her emotions. If it seems like your ex is avoiding you, it's for good reason. Making a break up stick can often be tough, because your ex will definitely have residual feelings for you. You've spent time together... gone places... done things... and been as intimate as two people can be. In order to move away from you and on with a new life? Your ex must suppress these feelings and try to ignore them. Because if he or she does not, they'll be in danger of wanting you back again.

Does this mean you should run back to your ex and start working on them right away? Actually, just the opposite. Trying to push your ex too far too soon is going to only send them in the opposite direction. Right now you need to give your ex the impression that he or she has something to lose: YOU. In order to do this, you need to disappear for a while. When your ex can't see where you are or what you're doing, they'll be nervous about not being able to win you back. When you don't call, email, text-message or any of those things? Your ex may even think you've moved on and are thinking of dating somebody else.

These are all good things, because they'll make your ex start to miss you. Conversely, if you're always hanging around? Your ex never gets the chance to imagine life without you. Since you're always there, he or she never has to face losing you. Does my ex still love me? In all likelihood, yes. But this is what will make your ex want you back - being absent from their life for a while.

Another thing your ex doesn't want you to know: the like the idea of you chasing them. Yes, even though your ex may act annoyed or even wounded by you running after them? They're actually enjoying the attention. This means you absolutely CANNOT behave this way if you want your ex back. Nobody wants to take back a desperate, needy ex boyfriend or girlfriend. The more of this type of behavior you display, the less attracted your ex will be to the whole idea of dating you again. But by NOT chasing after your ex, and actually acting indifferent toward the break up? Your ex will be intrigued by your fierce independence and will begin wondering if maybe he or she didn't make a mistake.

If you want your ex back, wondering whether or not they still love you isn't the issue. It's the behaviors you exhibit and the things you do in order to win your ex's heart again that matter. Every single move you make immediately after the break up will count either for or against you when it comes to getting back together. Learn the right and wrong

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