How to get rid of eye bags

So you are walking down the aisle in a few hours. You are so excited, you can not sleep. But are you sure you want to look tired and older than you are in this very special day? Think about how you will appear in the pictures and videos of your wedding. 

How will your children and grandchildren react when they see your wedding pictures thirty years down the line?

Eye bags can be caused by:

* Allergies.
* Hormonal issues.
* Staying up too late at night.
* Thyroid conditions or Graves' disease.
* Saggy skin caused by the normal aging process.
* Bending the head over for several hours during the previous day.

Aside from gravity and the effects of time, lack of sleep and tiredness can make all facial tissues sag, particularly the ones found around your eyes. And even if you apply all the make up you can get your hands on to your face, you can not effectively conceal the effects of eye bags and dark rings around your eyes. The eyes are the most demonstrative part of the face and they can easily reveal your feelings, thoughts and even health conditions; this is why they are often referred to as the windows to the soul.

The only way to bring back the healthy and fresh appearance of your eyes is to deal with the eye bags and dark rings around it for good. And you do not have to lose sleep over what to do since there are many approaches that you can use to wipe out the sagging eye bags and dull circles around your eyes.

Ask anybody and the first thing that he or she will recommend to freshen up the skin around your eyes is cucumbers. A slice of cucumber placed on top of each eye can do wonders in soothing the delicate nerves in the eye area; hence, eliminating tiredness and puffiness of your eyes. If you are in a hotel or a restaurant, you will have no problem asking for cucumber slices. But unless you keep a ready stash of cucumbers at home, using cucumbers for your eyes can be a little tricky.

The next best thing in refreshing your eyes and eliminating the dark rings around them is tea. Tea has been known to possess certain nutrients that are good for tired eyes. You can refrigerate tea for a few minutes to give your eyes that revitalizing cool sensation. Just make sure that you use teabags and not the powdered variety; otherwise, your eye therapy will be very messy.

Another common way to soothe the eyes is putting on eye pillows. These pillows can be safely cooled in a refrigerator or heated in warm water depending on your needs. They are mostly available in health spas and skin clinics; but you can also choose to buy eye pillows in health stores or beauty shops for your private use.

The popularity of using eye pillows in dealing with eye bags and rings is mainly due to simplicity of use. The gentle pressure that eye pillows apply on your eyes can help firm up the eye bags. Plus, the contents of eye pillows, like beads, seeds or therapeutic gel, provide soothing scents and sensation that can quickly relieve tired eye muscles.

Also, remember to take vitamin supplements. Sagging eye bags and dark rings can be caused by lack of certain nutrients like Vitamins A and E. These nutrients are responsible for keeping healthy and elastic skin; which means, no dark rings and drooping flesh around your eyes.

To look good, get enough rest, drink enough water, stop smoking, and avoid allergens that trigger nasal congestion like pet dander, pollen, house dust, and certain foods like milk and chocolate. Use an extra pillow or two to elevate your head while sleeping to prevent fluid build up. Reduce your salt intake and be wary of food and drinks that contain too much salt.

Cool cucumber or potato slices placed over closed eyes for a few minutes can also help. If you'd rather eat the cucumber or potato, another alternative is cotton balls dunked in cold milk. After squeezing the milk from the balls, let them rest on your closed swollen eyes for a few minutes. A cold compress will also do the same.

If the methods described above can not deliver the results you want in time for your wedding and you desperately want to reduce the ugly bags and rings around your eyes, you can try using Eyederma. This product contains potent ingredients that can effectively eliminate skin problems found in the eye area.

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