1 Month Pregnant - Surviving Pregnancy

Technically, when many people think of a pregnant woman, they think of someone who is bloated, out of shape and is trundling along with a swollen belly. But little do they realize that visual spectacle of pregnancy is restricted to the last few months. Or even the last month. Most women who are in the early stages of pregnancy are not even visually distinguishable from several other women who walk around. And this is especially so in the case of women who are 1 month pregnant.

Being 1 Month Pregnant
Women who are 1 month pregnant don't look any different from other women. Sure they feel different. In fact, one of the first signs that they are pregnant is indicated to them by the way they feel. A missed period is universally accepted as an indication that a woman is pregnant. But when a woman is 1 month pregnant, a missed period does not feel any different than when she misses her period due to other, extraneous causes like stress or an unhealthy lifestyle.

A woman who is 1 month pregnant however has some symptoms like nausea, weakness etc. But these are not mandatory issues for all women who are 1 month pregnant. In fact, some women may not have any of these symptoms at all.

Some of the other things that women who are 1 month pregnant face include a sudden dislike (or in some cases, like) for otherwise familiar foods. Some women start hating their morning dose of coffee and begin vomiting if they force themselves to have it. This is especially so in the case of foods that are pungent or have strong flavors. But most women who in the early stages of their pregnancy, as early as 1 month pregnant, show some or all of these signs. This would be a good time to realize that they are pregnant. And to take the necessary steps to ensure a healthy yet balanced diet.

But a constant complaint that all women who are 1 month pregnant have is that they are forced to make umpteen number of visits to the bathroom! For most of them, it is more of an embarrassment as they find themselves taking more than the usual toilet breaks. And especially in the early months of the pregnancy, when the bulge is as yet invisible, they might seem to be shirking work or being rather incontinent! But a vast majority of women, especially those who are 1 month pregnant, face this problem. Don't worry though, things will get better as the weeks go by.

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