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The Top 7 Indian Ecommerce Shipping Startups

For decades, merchants have relied majorly on India Post Services for their shipping needs. As the ecommerce industry began rising, the shipping sector started developing as well. According to a recent study by Ken Research, the Indian eCommerce shipping industry is expected to reach a valuation of INR 492.4 billion by 2025. 

Over time, more and more ecommerce shipping business startups have emerged, with each having a USP of their own. Below is a list of top 7 Indian Ecommerce Shipping Startups, curated with respect to their facilities and features. 

1.     BlackBuck

BlackBuck is a fleet and freight management platform that came into existence in 2015. Headquartered in Bangalore, BlackBuck aims to transform the conventional offline trucking operations into an online shipping marketplace, which enables users to ship their couriers, from anywhere to everywhere.

Now operating in over 2000 locations, BlackBuck focuses on leveraging technology to make the entire shipping process easier for e-commerce businesses.

2. Delhivery  

Based out of Gurgaon, Delhivery has been servicing various ecommerce companies for a decade. Currently, it is one of the most trusted courier services for domestic shipments.

Since its inception in 2011, Delhivery has managed to reach 17000+ pin codes in more than 2300 cities, constantly using technology to upgrade itself. Delhivery provides numerous services such as express delivery, on-demand delivery, scheduled delivery etc., for couriers of all sizes and weights.

3.     LetsTransport

Founded in April 2015 by a group of IIT graduates, LetsTransport is a new-age logistics platform aiming at improving the timeline for deliveries by 30%. It refines the delivery services by providing training and benefits to drivers.

Brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Coca Cola, Udaan, and Bigbasket have chosen LetsTransport for meeting their ecommerce shipping requirements.

4.     Rivigo

Founded in 2014, Rivigo is now operating with more than 5000 high-tech truck fleets catering to ecommerce transportation needs. It emphasises the use of technology to make the shipping process more human.

The most unique innovation introduced by Rivigo is Relay Trucking, wherein the drivers are switched after a certain distance to minimise over-exhaustion and maximise efficiency.

5.     Edgistify

Edgistify aims at making ecommerce shipping simple, scalable and flexible. It is a primary choice for businesses that provide niche services due to its various useful features such as flexible inventory storage, omnichannel inventory management and 8-16% reduction in the cost structure.

Additionally, it provides automated post-delivery proof, weather-resistant packaging and airport-to-airport delivery services, ensuring an impeccable customer experience.

6.  eCOM Express

eCOM Express is an end-to-end shipping solutions provider that focuses on providing speed, safety and reliability to its customers. The USP of eCOM Express is its 72-hour guarantee for completion of deliveries and efficient COD collection.

eCOM Express provides an expansive reach, dedicated fleet network, skilled force, automated order fulfilment, and first and last mile operating systems.

7.  Shadowfax

In 2015, Shadowfax was launched with a vision to optimise the supply chain management and logistics operations for the ecommerce industry.

Currently, Shadowfax is making use of powerful APIs, tech-driven warehousing technologies and IoT to provide express-hyperlocal deliveries, inter-city and intra-city deliveries and supply chain management.


Within the last decade, multiple ecommerce shipping startups have flourished, owing to their continuous efforts for providing dependable services to their customers. In addition to the aforementioned startups, other companies like Locus, QikPod, Logistify, and Rapid Delivery, have also contributed substantially in the industry.

The selection of an ecommerce shipping service for your business depends on various factors such as the business values, safer handling of the packages, timely deliveries, more humane transport mechanisms and flawless customer experience.

The ecommerce shipping startups have helped change the entire world of ecommerce for good.