Braver entered the game on August 4th. Now many players are trying this class. Here we introduce the weapons and skills of this class to help you create this class better.


"Braver" entered PSO2 New Genesis on August 4, this class can use the Katana and Photon Bow interchangeably, allowing them to adapt on the fly to changing battle conditions. Now we will introduce the weapons and skills of this class.

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Each Braver weapon possesses its selection of Photon Arts, or attacks, that are customized for the Braver's type. The Photon Bow allows the use of Frenzied Firework, which fires a chance that explodes upon exchange an enemy, showering all of them and also close-by opponents with a spray of arrowheads. When asked for, this Photon Art avoids the long-range method as well as instead showers those in the Braver's immediate area along with dangerous arrow spray.

The Katana shows the Braver's correct proficiency of the cutter, as successive attacks with the same Photon Art discharge light variations. Chaining these attacks together results in a speedy of deadly devastation for the enemies of ARKS. One notable Photon Art in their toolbox is Iris Gale, which cleaves neighboring enemies along with ravaging troops.

The skill tree of the Braver has plenty of skills that better enhance their already dangerous collection. Brave Combat acquires fringe benefits, including Brave Combat Final Bonus, which recuperates your HP and also PP depending on your hit count while the ability was energetic. Tracer Arrow incorporates a homing ability to arrowheads released along with the regular strike of the Photon Bow, and also Katana Guard Counter instantly discharges a counterattack after executing a Perfect Guard by utilizing the Weapon Action. Ultimately, the Skill Fearless Attitude neutralizes inbound frontal attacks after you discharge a Photon Art or typical assault, and also automatically follows up with an eye for an eye.

The Braver fluidly mixes offense and defense, seizing on opportunities provided by enemy attacks and relentlessly following up with a shower of blades or arrows. We can also use PSO2 Meseta to strengthen this class, which can help us enjoy this game better.