Kakslauttanen Artic Resort Vacation Guide

Looking for something very different?  How about a luxury stay in the Artic, your own high tech igloo with a private view of the Northern Lights ( Auroa Borealis ) check out this very unique and luxury hotel complex.

There is nowhere else on earth quite like the Kakslauttanen Artic Resort Vacation Guide, located in Finland they offer comprehensive vacation packages.

Our experience at Kakslauttanen was fantastic. The staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. We were worried about food for our picky children to eat as we knew this wasn't a location with a Co-op around the corner and we packed loads of snacks. We needn't have worried, there was plenty of food for the children to eat and at the evening meal there was always a children's option (our children opted for chicken nuggets and chips every night!). The food was good and very tasty.

We stayed in a four person igloo which was very comfortable and a superb experience with a lovely hot shower. The reindeer sleigh safari was peaceful and we got to see the forest thick with snow. After the ride, Benti (our guide) gave us hot tea and pastries in his tee-pee around a roaring fire and treated us to some traditional songs. On our final night we visited santa at his home and learnt how the elves make toys for all the girls and boys at christmas and on the final day we went Husky Sledging. For me the huskies were one of the top three experiences on this holiday, my husband and I each drove a sledge with one of our boys in (aged 7 and 9) and it was exhilerating. At the end of the experience we were able to stroke the huskies and we played with the husky puppies, how none of them were smuggled out by us is beyond me.

The other two highlights were the excitement on the kids faces and the Northern Lights which we saw on three of the days we were in Kakslautannen. I cannot recommend this resort highly enough.