Introduce you to the tips and tricks of Madden 21 to create a better game environment for everyone

In Madden 21, game developers have introduced a new defense mechanism for the game, so that gamers can make fuller use of the defense line. In the next article, I will teach gamers how to stop running in Madden 21, and share various tips and tricks to help you deal with the enemy team in the game. Thank u4gm for providing detailed information for this article. Gamers who want to buy Madden Coins are welcome to u4gm. As a Madden Coins sale site, u4gm aims to provide you with the safest and cheapest Madden Coins, and is committed to providing you with To create a good gaming environment, u4gm is definitely a seller of Madden Coins you can trust.


Compared with previous versions of the Madden series of games, Madden 21’s defense mechanism has been modified to varying degrees in all aspects, making it easier for players to stop running. But every aspect of this defense system depends entirely on the skill of the player and the way the defender handles it.

Tips and tricks to stop running

The first and most important thing you should pay attention to is the opponent's formation and personnel grouping, so that you can adjust your defense according to the opponent's situation before the game starts. For example, if your opponent rushes towards you in two tight formations, then the basic three-four or four-three formation can be competent for the counterattack task. Now you are in the right formation, align your players in front of the line according to the opponent's matchup. This means that if your opponent has more players on the right, then make sure you have enough defenders on the same side to defend against the opponent players. You can do this by pressing the left button on the d-pad and using the left stick to move the player to the desired position. If it is a line position, use the right button on the d-pad.

You should also pay attention to the running assignments of the players, depending on the direction of the run. You can view the responsibilities of each player in the team according to the direction of the game. Press the left trigger and then press the X button when the game is on the left to view the responsibilities of the team, or press B when the game is on the right. Button to view the team’s responsibilities. These run assignments vary from formation to formation, so no matter which formation you choose, make sure to keep track of it, especially if you don't want to get yourself into trouble.

Once you understand the distribution of runs based on team composition, you will know that as an athlete, there is a huge gap in responsibility that must be considered and overcome. For example, if the ball passes to the right side of the field, you need to use your defender to run towards the dribble. Also, make sure other players cover the running back in case he tries to run back. When all the players are performing their duties, you should be able to cut him off easily before he reaches the end.

The above is a brief description of how to stop running and some tips and tricks. If there are any errors or inaccuracies in the above content, you are welcome to add corrections.