There are 3 various types of armor in New World: Light, Medium, and Heavy.


There are many ways to strengthen our character in New World, such as upgrading character attributes, using powerful weapons, armor, etc. Among them, armor can greatly improve our survivability. Now let's introduce the armor in New World.

Types of armor in New World

There are 3 various types of armor in New World: Light, Medium, and Heavy. The 3 armor styles offer numerous perks, depending upon what your personality is wearing.

New World Light Armor

Light Armor is the "DPS" and also very most mobile phone armor in the video game. Sunlight armor supplies the biggest dodge in the game while offering a 20% harm perk. Light armor is actually for you if you want to do a lot harm as possible.

New World Medium Armor

On the other hand, Medium armor raises all damages by 10%, which is 10% lower than Light armor. Nevertheless, your Medium armor standing improves your CCs (group control) effects by 10%. Also, your dodge develops into a hop, which creates adequate room to get away from the rage of your opponent.

New World Heavy Armor

Massive armor takes in a lot of harm from all the New World armor styles. Heavy armor is a lot better suited for CC bots, tanks, or even other juggernaut front liners for PvP that wish to manage the battlefield.

New World Armor sets

New World is an RPG nevertheless, therefore they have brought along with them aesthetic New World Armor sets to rub your characters. There are several shield sets and also below are a handful of examples. Of course, these are only some instances and do not show the total New World Armor sets presently in the game.

  • The Fishermen’s Set – a fishing reward prepared that grants small boosts to your main statistics early for your leveling.
  • Sage Set – A crafting set available from Tier 3 and Tier 5 crafting.
  • The Lumberjack Set – You acquire this set through the gathering system by crafting and trading.
  • Explorer’s set – An ideal PvE set for traveling around the open world.
  • Deepmist Set – a fishing reward prepared that gives little boosts to your primary stats early for your leveling.
  • Soldier’s set – Grants bonuses to strength and along with heavy armor classification that is craftable or traded at auction houses.
  • Duelist Set – A set you can get from robbery or even drops from PvE sources. It protects against elemental damage.

New World Repairing Armor

To restore your armor, you need to obtain repair service components by saving your gear. You get a percentage of gold as well as fixing components whenever you recover a piece of gear. You can at that point spend those repair parts through mending details gear parts or even the Repair All button located at the end of your screen when you press the Tab key.

Misc Armor Interactions

You'll be pleased to understand you can transmog your gear in New World. If you have a completed skin layer collection, you can use that clothes for your present gear. This is mostly for shop cosmetics, however, there are fully ready to uncover in-game.

If full collections are not your trait, after that you can dye every item of your armor. You can acquire different color colors through harvesting vegetation from the available world. Each plant possesses different colors, representing prospective dye you can loot whenever you gather all of them.