Based on the performance of the players last week, predict the player changes in Madden 21, and listen to everyone’s thoughts

Madden 21’s weekly player rating update will be the focus of gamers’ attention, because the player’s rating update not only shows how the player’s performance last week, but also helps players screen out players who are in good condition and have potential. Gamers can choose to use Madden Coins to buy players based on their ratings. This week’s player rating update will be launched on Thursday. Before the official roster is launched, let’s take a look at the situation based on U4GM’s predictions.


Chase Claypool (75 to 76)

Chase Claypool continues to electrify the league in his rookie season. He still hasn't lost an NFL game. His 59 yards and one TD now means he has 10 TDs in 10 games and is continuing to make a case for steady increases. He has already be moved up one point last week, but another point is expected.

Matt Ryan (86 to 85)

Ryan has yo-yo'd in grading this season which reflects how things have been going. Against a depleted Saints team, he struggled to 232 yards and two INTs. Admittedly one of those interceptions was on a halftime hail mary - but still. He didn't manage to get anything going in the second half and he's some way of the elite QBs we see each week based on current play.

Adam Thielen (90 to 91)

Thielen will be heartbroken not to have won this weekend, but he can rest knowing he will probably get a stat boost in Madden 21. His 8 catches for 123 yards and two TDs wasn't quite enough to beat the Cowboys. One of them was definitely a contender for play of the season.

Carson Wentz (77 to 76)

Wentz has had a horrible season so far, and is leading one of the teams that is fast becoming a division of laughing stocks.Every season we think its going to be the year he makes the steps to showing why he deserved to be the 2nd overall pick in 2016, and we are still waiting. He struggled to 235 yards for two TDs and two INTs this week.

Damiere Byrd (74 to 75)

The Patriots have a history of turning journeymen WRs into stars and Byrd might be the next one in the list.In a 6 catch 132 yard for one TD performance, Byrd showed the Patriots receiving corps isn't devoid of talent.

Adrian Peterson (79 to 77)

Peterson met a brick wall in the Panthers' defense. With 7 carries for just 18 yards, the Lions gave up running the ball quickly and didn't go back to it. Returning just 2.6 yards per carry is pretty abysmal. 

Minkah Fitzpatrick (86 to 88)

Another game-changing defensive performance, Fitzpatrick had two interceptions in what is fast becoming a routine.Terrell Edmunds also had a good day next to him at safety and could also be in line for a boost.


Taysom Hill (64 to 67)

There were plenty of questions about Hill before the game. The Saints gave him a load of cash to keep him on the roster and he can play QB, TE, WR and HB. In a fairly rare story, a lot of fans were cheering him on and he didn't disappoint. He carried the Saints to victory over the Falcons with 233 yards passing and 2 rushing TDs. Based on how well he managed the offense this would look to be one of the biggest adjustments, based purely on how artificially low his rating already was.

The above content is the prediction of the player rating changes in the eleventh week. The specific situation will be explained to you after the official list is released on Thursday. Do gamers have their own ideas about the changes in player ratings? Welcome to speak out and discuss.