The future of Senior Finance recruitment in the UK

The UK market for Financial recruitment is growing all the time and there are now many niches within it such as that of the growing Part Time Finance Director or Portfolio Finance Director.   The recruitment market itself is constantly evolving and changing I discuss that further in this article.

The internet - UK Financial recruiters have really embraced the internet, though the standard of many websites leaves a lot to be desired the intent is there and many websites make use of the Google Job Markup protocol which allows for jobs to appear on Google's job carousel.   Senior Finance roles tend to be filled via relationships and word of mouth but there is always a role for Search Engine marketing and finding a role on page #1 of Google is always likely to attract a lot of attention.

What will the future bring then for Senior Financial recruitment, well I write regularly about this on my Financial Recruitment Blog  clearly more and more jobs are going to get advertised via the web as young people use this and social media as natural places to seek jobs.   What I do think will come along are more automated jobs finding tools, so for example you set-up a series of criteria, such as location, title and salary and then employers approach you by inputting their own criteria.   So in the future more roles will be found via employers outreaching and searching linkedin type sites that by applicants searching and applying for jobs.  That will be a big change for the industry but could easily happen given the amount of data available on the internet.

Social Media - I can also see word of mouth passing potential jobs around the internet in a more structured way with intelligent search tools picking up potential jobs in target organisations and alerting applicants so they can use automated submission tools to apply for them in the background.

All these changes may seem far fetched but the trends are already there and it is a natural development for employers and employees to find better ways to connect together.

Gig economy - this area has grown and is an amazing way for people with skills to match themselves to tasks that require skills but on a global level.  So presently where senior roles are somewhat limited by the geo-location of the employers and employee this may be far less of a limitation in the future.