Aquapark Paphos Cyprus

Paphos is one of the most fascinating travel destinations on the island of Cyprus. This wonderful city is situated on the southwestern coast of the island, and it offers year-round sunshine, beautiful golden beaches, stunning scenery, and awe-inspiring historical sites. If you are traveling to Paphos with your family, you can rest assuredthat you will not run out of places to visit. Paphos is a very family-oriented city, and it has many attractions that offer great fun and entertainment for both adults and children. For an unforgettable wet and wild experience, spend an afternoon at the Aphrodite Water Park.

Located at the eastern end of Kato Paphos road, the Aphrodite Water Park is one of the largest water-themed amusement parks in Cyprus. Within its 35,000 square miles of beautifully landscaped grounds, you will find endless entertainment for people of all ages. This splendid water park has more rides and attractions than any other water park on the island, including the largest family rafting ride in Europe. It also has all the necessary amenities to provide the most convenient and safest experience for visitors. It is open every day between May and October, and it welcomes more than 100,000 visitors every year.

The Aphrodite Water Park features a total of 26 rides and attractions altogether, and they consist of 8 single rides, 3 team rides, 10 attractions for kids, and 6 interactive attractions. All the rides and attractions are open to both adults and children, except for two rides that are reserved for adults only. The attractions for kids are specially created for children who are aged 10 and below, and they can only be accessed by kids who are accompanied by adults. Here is a list of all the rides and attractions that are available in the Aphrodite Water Park:

Single Slides
Free Fall – The Free Fall is one of the most thrilling rides in the Aphrodite Water Park. It gives you the opportunity to experience free falling by sliding down a nearly vertical slide. This ride is open to adults only.

Kamikaze – The Kamikaze is a wavy slide that is specially designed for the fearless. You will feel the floor dropping away as you approach the pool below. For adults only. 

Black Hole – A twisting journey through darkness that makes you lose all sense of space and time. 

Wild Water – A very fast and twisty tubing adventure from the top of a hill.

Adventure – Swoop down this twisty slide with one or two tubes, or no tube at all. 

Five Lane Racer – Slide over thrilling dips as you race with your friends to reach the big pool below. 

Zero Gravity – This is a new ride that enables you to enjoy a split-second experience of “zero gravity”. You will speed slide down a 15-meter drop and then boomerang back up at a heart-pounding speed.

Raging River – Negotiate twists and turns as you coast down this fast-flowing river.

Team Rides
Family Rafting – The Family Rafting ride in the Aphrodite Water Park is the largest ride of its kind in Europe. It can accommodate a maximum of 4 people on a single tube.

Fast River – This wonderful ride takes you on an interesting journey down the side of a hill, allowing you to experience a real-life wild rapid adventure. 

Lazy River – Enjoy ultimate relaxation as you float on a tube down a slow-moving 400-meter river.

Attractions for Kids
Pirate Ship – A swash-buckling paradise featuring fountains, slides, and water guns.

Splashing Rainforest – The Splashing Rainforest spins around and squirts water into the pool to give kids a fantastic experience of the rainforest.

Mini Volcano – Kids race to the top of the volcano and slide down to the pool below.

Spraying Elephant – The Spraying Elephant sprays water at kids from all directions.

Water Mushrooms – Kids can have a great time playing and splashing water under these mushroom showers. 

Shooting Water Clown – A clown-like figure that shoots water into the children’s pool.

Kids Pool – The Kids Pool has small waterslides and a splash pool to provide great fun for kids.

Slow Slide – A wavy slide that offers ultimate excitement for little kids.

Fast Slide – The Fast Slide gives kids the opportunity to do some speed sliding. 

Melon Bucket – The Melon Bucket tips and pours water into the pool.

Wet Bubble – A bubble that sprays water on itself to stay wet and slippery, and kids have to try to bounce on it as many times as they can before sliding down.