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Top 5 Most Poisonous Fishes in the World.

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1 Box Jelly Fish.


Box Jellyfish by far is the most poisonous fish on planet. Scary right it’s venom can affect organs like the, heart and nervous system within seconds.

From research at least more than 100 people are attacked by box jelly fish yearly.

They have a cubed shaped body with more 10 tentacles on each side of their body.

These tentacles span 10 feet in length and contain more than 4000 stinging cells.

  1. Wels Catfish.



Wels catfish is found mostly in central Europe it can reach lengths of up to 5 meters and weigh approximately 150 kg.

By their design they are very belligerent predators. Their mouth lining contains sharp tooth.

Their main feed is, frogs, and water birds. Yes they feed on birds.

Just be careful around them, your life is precious.

  1. Lion Fish.


I love their name by they are very deadly. The body is made up pectoral fins and deadly spines.

Their poison is lethal to humans and can cause breathing difficulties and nausea.

Lion fish are nocturnal predators; they have slow undulating movement meaning they are very calculated.

Their spine delivers a toxic sting causing extreme pain, sweating, respiratory distress, and paralysis.

Lion fish venom is a mixture of protein, and an intramuscular toxic called acetylcholine. Not a pleasant experience trust me.

  1. Puffer Fish .


The puffer fish has one of the most deadly poison in the world so be careful around them.

These bad boys are among the most very poisonous vertebrates in the world. They contain a compound called tetrodotoxin, which is very lethal.

It gets worse there is no antidote to cure their venom. They expand their body to round shape when facing threats.

Just beware of them.

  1. Stone Fish.


Stone fish hunts using the element of surprise it prefers the ambushing this makes them very dangerous.

The stone fish has 13 sharp dorsal spines with each containing poisonous venom.

A sting from this fish is extremely painful. Induces inflammations, difficulty in inhalation, nausea, paralysis, heart failure and tissue necrosis.

Stone fishes are good at camouflaging so beware.

They look like a stones on ocean floors.

Stone fish can survive up to 10 years in the wild.