Good news, The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire Celebration is coming, and the specific time is on February 20, 2020, want to know what you can do when it releases, and how to get TESO: Murkmire gold during that event? Check this out now.

  Right now, the fans of The Elder Scrolls Online have got some quite good news.

  The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire Celebration is coming on February 20, 2020. And here is all that you need to know about that.

  MMORPG notices that this event will go live at 10:00 ET on February 20, 2020, and that will run through March 3 at 10:00 ET. A lot of good stuff is up for grabs and these even include bonus rewards, event tickets, and much more.

  And the requirement for the players have to own Murkmire DLC or must have an active ESO Plus subscription:

  It's also quite important to notice that players will have to own the Murkmire DLC or just have an active Elder Scrolls Online Plus subscription.

  And according to the online publication, you will have to enter the zone and then start the main storyline over there.

  According to official notes, killing monsters, looting chests, safeboxes, thieves troves, psijic portals, and more will net you Murkmire Strongboxes which can contain the following items.

  1. Crafting materials

  2. Motif chapters

  3. Set items (from the Murkmire zone overland sets)

  4. Style items

  5. Trinkets you can sell for Elder Scrolls Online gold

  6. Voriplasm Pet fragments

  7. Wooden Grave-Stake Memento fragments

  It is also been revealed that bonus rewards are also up for grabs:

  1. Additional opportunity to receive bonus items as drops

  2. All ESO Murkmire daily quests

  3. Blackrose Prison arena bosses

  4. Double daily quest reward crates

  5. Double drops from zone harvesting nodes

  6. Resource nodes

  What's more, players also have the ability to earn up to three tickets on a daily basis by killing monsters which they can turn into the Impresario for:

  1. All four Indrik Feathers

  2. Spectral Berries of Bloom

  3. Spectral Berries of Budding

  4. Spectral Berries of Growth

  5. Voriplasm Pet fragments

  6. Wooden Grave-Stake Memento fragments

  In other news, it has been revealed that “Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor” is about to go live on May 18 on PC and MAC. 

  On the other side, according to the latest reports, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players also can access starting June 2, 2020.

  And now that's all the information for Murkmire Celebration Of The Elder Scrolls Online, and for more information like the Pre-Order Of TESO: Greymoor, and the best place to purchase legit Elder Scrolls Online gold you can click them separately and get what you are really interested in.