Baby sense of touch

Sense of touch can be considered as the most special of all the other senses. If for instance one cannot hear, see or smell certain things or a person, only the sense of touch can be sufficient to overcome all. Baby's sense of touch helps the other senses to develop. Thus the sense of touch is rightly called the 'mother of all senses'. 

With such an importance of sense of taste it is not difficult to understand how important the baby's sense of touch can be. When it comes to the mother's touch, the baby can feel that just after birth too. The baby can understand rather we can say that feel the same warmth in the mother's hand, which he feels in the womb. 

The sense of touch can be said to be playing the major importance in the child's emotional development. Baby's sense of touch is developed in the early stages. With touch and stimulation the baby's overall development can be made better.

Baby's skin is very sensitive part of the body. It is the medium to convey the message to the baby by the sense of touch. Skin is thus the largest of all sense organs comprising of around three million cells. Massage is one of the best ways to develop baby's sense of touch. With this development the parents help the baby to develop not only his sense of touch but also the emotional base and their sense of well being. 

Baby massage can be considered as the tool that can be used to show the baby how it is cared and loved. One can mean saying 'I love you 'to the baby more with the touch than said in words. One need not worry about that will the baby understand. Of cource the baby does understand by the touch that it is being loved and cared. 

Only a warm touch to an adult is of great help to make frustrations less and brings a feeling of being loved. In such a case it is so obvious and easy to understand that the baby might just love being touched with care.

Newborn babies feel very comfortable in the warm blankets. They show some facial expression when exposed to cold or too hot whether. This shows that the babies sense of touch is well developed from the beginning itself. 

Once the baby turns four month it will love to feel the thumb and the fingers. They put almost everything in the mouth they get to feel them. Babies love to touch the things they are not supposed to the most. When the babies are more than four months colorful things will attract their attention. 

They will love touching books, different textures, and colorful toys. A little later the babies are capable to differentiate between the rough and smooth textures. Small accidents like falling down while trying to walk, banging with the table or wall teaches the child the limits and their importance. This would have been impossible without the sense of touch.

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