Early Pregnancy Symptoms | Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Some women trying to get pregnant for the first time, find unusual early pregnancy symptoms bothering them. Despite looking for obvious symptoms of pregnancy like nausea and swollen breasts, some women find none of these symptoms appearing on them. But some unusual symptoms instead appear to warn you of your pregnancy. Some of these symptoms might signal that you are heading for a not very normal pregnancy.

Salivating Endlessly
What might be these signs of unusual early pregnancy symptoms? One symptom could be you producing more saliva than usual during pregnancy. You might find yourself salivating excessively so much so that you may need a handkerchief with you to prevent the excess drool from spilling out and embarrassing you. Don't worry, while a strange symptom of early pregnancy, it is a symptom of changing hormone levels and is not an unduly cause for concern.

Veins on your Chest
Another unusual early pregnancy symptom is a unique physical change that might show on your body, obvious veins on your chest. You might notice them after taking a bath, and these may be in the form of a series of veins under your arms and along the sides of your breasts that look like darkened railway tracks. The increased blood supply to the body have caused these veins.

Frequent Nosebleeds or Nasal Congestion
Another unusual early pregnancy symptom are frequent nosebleeds or nasal congestion, particularly at night, both the result of pregnancy. You may be surprised to find you awake in the morning with a stuffy nose, whether or not you have a cold.

Increased Vaginal Discharge
Some pregnant women are surprised to find they have more discharge, a response to changing levels of hormones in your body, than normal during pregnancy. This is usually nothing to worry about unless accompanied by other symptoms like odor, itching or burning.

Metal Mouth
Some women report tasting metal in their mouths particularly during early pregnancy. This is an uncommon but sometimes reported unusual early pregnancy symptom.

The Protein Can Tell
Another unusual early pregnancy symptom are the levels of protein in the body which you can gauge through the alphafetoprotein (AFP) test. The AFP test is a simple blood test that can give insight into the health of the unborn baby. Once blood is drawn, the protein is measured and this is then compared to a standard range for the current length of pregnancy. A low level of AFP could be an indicator that the unborn fetus has Down's syndrome, and a high level could indicate a neural tube disorder such as spina bifida or anencephaly.

How accurate are the results of this test? Dating of the pregnancy could influence the results, as could the presence of twins. Meaning, you could be carrying twins and this test might prove that you are. The AFP test is not a completely accurate means of abnormality in pregnancy. Most women with a high level of AFP in the blood, have healthy babies. And it is also possible that a woman who shows a normal result on this screening test could still give birth to a baby with a genetic abnormality. The amount of protein in the body is an unusual early pregnancy symptom that needs to be checked to see whether there is something amiss with the pregnancy.

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